Friday, October 18, 2019
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Serial Apologist Geoff Boyle Backs “50 Characters in 50 Weeks”; Kickstarter...

"Our bodies burn at nearly a hundred degrees, yet there is so much coldness in the heart of men," says Boyle, a serial apologist.

Lon Zelig Backs “50 Characters in 50 Weeks”; Kickstart Funding Ongoing

"The dance is a ritual," he explains, "that has gone back past the beginnings of time, when there was nothing but plasma."

Support Brent Rose’s “50 Characters in 50 Weeks”; Kickstart Fundraising Underway

Help actor Brent Rose create 50 short films showcasing 50 completely individual characters.

Constellation of Stars Join NYC Benefit for Milwaukee’s Skylight Opera Theatre

After a long summer of top-level mismanagement, it's time to get the Skylight on a sounder fiscal footing.

Will ‘The Color Purple’ Raise More Money for Itself Than New...

Is it fair to limit The Color Purple's donations to housing construction in New Orleans to strictly what can be raised by passing the hat?

Boomerang’s “100 Hamiltons”: What Indie-Theater Fundraising Tactics Work Best?

Are there best practices for indie theater fundraising campaigns?

More, Sir, of Loesser: Actors Fund Benefit to Homage Broadway’s Most...

A concert to benefit the Actors Fund, co-chaired by Jo Sullivan Loesser and Sir Paul McCartney.

Alliance for the Arts to Fete Founder, Foundation and Friend, Mon.,...

Recipients of the 2009 Alliance for the Arts Prize are unveiled.

Three-Night “Songs for a New World” Concert to Benefit Late Actor’s...

Concerts scheduled to benefit the Patrick Michael McMurphy Memorial Foundation (The PM3 Foundation).

Vanessa Williams Named Honorary Chair of AMAS Musical Theatre Benefit

If you want to check out the "Ugly Betty" star live and you've got some bucks to pony up for a good cause, here's your chance.

The Crimes of NYU President John Sexton

Buried in this week's New York, in addition to John Heileman's puffy profile of John "I Haven't Macaca'd Yet, But I Swear I'm Gonna...
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