Friday, October 18, 2019
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New Arts Facility? Why Sometimes We Just Say No

It's hard to declare a new project or facility unfeasible.

ACLU and Other Orgs Light the Way Through Dark Times

Thanks to all the activists still standing up for everyone’s America.

What Australia Teaches Us About Effective Cultural Policy

We need a proactive national conversation about the role of culture in society.

Giving Assistant Gives “Conscious Capitalism” Good Karma

Easy philanthropy, amazing savings, conscious capitalism: Giving Assistant.

Two NYC Indie Theaters Discover Giving Assistant

Two nonprofit companies discover a new source of online fundraising.

A Literary Melting Pot Celebrates Five Years

The independent bookstore isn't dead. It has evolved.

Seanna Bruno: Ending Relationship Violence with One Love

"This is the most important thing I've done in my life."

Arts in a Down Economy: An Oklahoma Case Study

"There must be a better answer."

For Nonprofits, Crowdfunding Is a Capital Idea

New ways of raising capital offer expanded opportunities for nonprofits.

Innovation in Arts Funding: Eight “Actual” Responses

Reflections on making theater without funding.

Thelma Golden Is Too Good for the Obama Museum

Presidential museums are corrupt propaganda. Can Golden transcend that?

Yes, Dancers Should Be Fundraising Tools

Where does this mindset shift begin?

Eighth Position: Dancers as Fundraising Tools?

Does being personable to donors affect a dancer's career?

Politicians, Theater Capacity and the Edifice Complex

Fighting politicians' bad arts facility ideas with good ones.

Dying with Dignity; or, Euthanasia for the Performing Arts

Arts leaders agree privately. But they won’t say it publicly.

Narcissism, Fundraising and Social Media

Lessons from the Ice Bucket Challenge.

My Most Memorable Nonprofit Fundraising Pitch

If you had a million dollars for your organization, what would you do?

Ways to Help Ferguson

If you are unsettled by what you have seen this past week, take action. Here are some ways to do it.

Arts Fundraising Is Not Cape Fear

Post-recession arts fundraising is too much fire and brimstone.

Who’s That Nonprofiteer?

In my previous life, I was a nonprofit leader myself.
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