Monday, September 23, 2019
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Let Them Eat Culture: Notre Dame and the Collateral Damage of...

Where they elite meet to...not care about anyone but the elite. As usual.

Isabelle Huppert Suffers (Again!) in Surreal Off-Broadway Play

Watching Florian Zeller's 'The Mother,' we suffer right along with the glorious French actress.

When American Expats Sounded the Alarm

History tells us that victory in war isn't inevitable. And ostriches need their heads out of the sand.

Lepage Still White-Washing as ‘Kanata’ Opens in Paris?

The story of the show is as offensive as the story being told.

Historian Richard Vinen Connects Our Agitated Era to ‘1968’

Remembering when America provided a model for protest around the globe.

Paris Askew Part Deux: La Rupture

The night I went to the Comédie-Française, an actor lost it onstage.

Liberty, Equality, Atrocity: Paris in a Time of Terror

The French state has committed its own share of crimes against its Arabic citizens.

Israel Horovitz on How to Adapt a Play for the Screen

In this podcast, Horovitz describes how he adapted his play My Old Lady into a film.

Post-Charlie Hebdo: Freedom and its Discontents

We can't have it both ways, and we shouldn't.

Following Paris, Police States Grow as Economies Shrink

Paris’s Charlie Hebdo and supermarket attacks have set the stage for another post-9/11.

Mourning in Paris

Je suis Charlie.

Zut! How Fashionable Is Paris in the Summer?

These days Parisians dress a lot like you and me.

Russia, China Forsake the Dollar, Pressing U.S., EU

Oil, gas and gold rule, as Moscow, Beijing and BRICS push farther away from West.

Going Dutch: Handiedan on Sex, Money and Collage

A conversation on art and audiences with the Dutch collage artist.

France Eyes Tech Tax to Fund Culture Content

Levy would affect any device connecting to Internet.

France Returns Nazi-Era Art to American

Paris ceremony features six paintings.

“Mali? Why?” We’ll Whisper

Is this landlocked West African country our next Viet-ghanistan?

France Will Return Nazi-era Art

Families will garner stolen or forced-to-sell paintings.

Around the World in 34 Comics: the Adventures of Asterix

This classic has been around the world, but always comes back to a little Gaulish village.

The Bibliotheque Nationale Wants Sade Manuscript

That's the Marquis, NOT "Smooth Operator."
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