Saturday, December 14, 2019
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Jamal Khashoggi and the Death of American Decency

Action with dark or selfish intent is troubling. Indifference in the face of injustice is evil.

3D-Printed Guns: The World’s Most Dangerous Art?

This is an art controversy -- and the stakes couldn't be higher.

Does Alex Jones Have a Point? Don’t Laugh. He Might.

Think twice before giving huge corporations authority to decide what constitutes hate speech.

So, It’s Progressives Who Are Too Extreme? Let’s Discuss…

Extremists are those who disagree with the following positions. We can beat them.

What Is Censorship? The Tale of Michael Weller’s “Buyer Beware”

Yesterday morning I read up on Brandeis University's decision to cancel a production of Michael Weller's new play, Buyer Beware. Or at least that's...

Brooklyn Children’s Theatre Founder Talks “Muslim Voices”

Amy W. Graves on diverse students, the First Amendment and public schools.

A Nuanced View of Free Speech

The First Amendment doesn't guarantee anyone a book deal.

Memo to U.S. Artists: Key on German Activism

American artists must unite and constantly challenge tyranny.

Mike Pence: Discrimination By Any Other Name

This blatant effort to exploit religion...stinks all the way to heaven.

Anti-Haters Gonna Hate

The good reputation they enjoyed in their early years has turned them into the very thing they have rightly sought to eradicate.

The Ferguson Police Department Dress Code

The right uniform for every occasion.

Handicapping the End of the Supreme Court Term

As Roberts marches right, Kennedy determines the direction.

National Security Depends on Press Freedom

The federal courts spit on the Constitution, hoping you’ll think backwards.

When Political Vultures Feel Peckish

The time for squawking is over.

U.S. Indicates Assange Not Under Sealed Indictment

After 3-year secret investigation, what are prosecutors, by leaking information, up to now?

Playing the Race Card? Deal it Face Up

The preposterous nature of maligning Obama sets it far apart from the norm.

Shut Down, No Shut Down, SCOTUS Won’t Shut Down

Early handicapping the Supreme Court.

A Threat to Justice Everywhere

They should never see the sun again, and die alone.

Need a Constitution? We’re Not Using This One

Now it is the government that has privacy-and the citizens who have none at all.

Senate Scraps CISPA…But Watch Your Back

In reality, your government wants secrecy...for itself...not you.
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