Monday, June 24, 2019
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The CFR Attends the Hofstra Presidential Debate

Welcome back Mr. President. Obama practically danced on stage last night.

Rep. Paul Ryan’s Math Class: Lesson 1

So what loopholes do you want to get rid of, Rep. Ryan?

The CFR at the DNC: Inspiring and Uplifting

Elizabeth Burke reports from the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC.

As the Lame Duck Quacks

George W. Bush's memoir as an action film, with WMDs as actual yellow cake, with cream cheese frosting.

Want to Vote on Saturdays? Sundays? Move to San Francisco

If Americans are offered a fair, square deal in terms of voting, they'll make their voices heard.

Vote — or Zip It! Thinking About the 2010 Midterms

And if you don't, then zip it. No vote = no voice.

The Coven of O’Donnell and Other GOP Magicians

"That's really all I can offer to you," Sharron Angle promised, "is whatever juice I have."

Is a Trojan Horse for the Revolutionary Radical Right?

Does want violent revolution in America?

Primary Colors: Tint, Taint, Truth and Tarryl

If Rivera loses, I will give up, throw in the political towel and write only of New Age-y feel-good life tips from here on in.

Rep. Carolyn Maloney, Reshma Saujani and Me

If an incumbent of 18 years has to vilify her opponent, to treat her like an adversary on Celebrity Deathmatch, then the race is already lost.

The Summer of American Intolerance

19 fundamentalist psychotics, not the two million who live ordinary lives, murdered 3,000 people on 9/11.

The Most Interesting Local Race of the Year

"It boils down to one thing," Rivera says. "I want to be accountable."

American Politics Goes to the Dogs

"I'm no oil spill expert, but hey, BP, WTF?" And then there's "Sex and the City 2."

On Freedom of Religion, How the U.S. Will Palin Comparison

What I am afraid of is Palin's version of Sharia becoming reality.

New Article: The Balance of Power Starts to Tip?

A political party with a large faction that aligns itself with hate speech is not ideally suited to fully dominate the great American middle.

The Decade to Think Big

While the Aughts saw much to be ashamed of, we also have much to be joyous about.

Grading the Year 2009

And let's not forget Sarah Palin doing what she does best: whining and quitting, not necessarily in that order.

Dear Michael Bloomberg

Maybe now, Mayor Bloomberg, you'll not treat New York City solely as a business. It's a city.

Will Rev. Billy Talen Get on the Ballot? Watch the Video.

One step closer -- across the finish line -- and now a full-on candidate for mayor of New York City.

Could Bloomberg Lose? Should Arts Groups Ponder the Great “What If?”

What would happen to Michael Bloomberg's largesse to arts groups in New York City if, despite the odds, he lost re-election?
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