Sunday, April 21, 2019
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An Arts Approach to Tonight’s Debate

We can join the political dance. Here are 10 activities to do just that.

Don’t Hate: Third-Party Voters Speak Out

Says a Johnson voter, "The flubs show that long-term pot use is hurtful to the brain."

Don’t Just Defeat Trump. Destroy His Brand.

Donald Trump must lose more than the election. He must lose his brand.

CFR Offers Advice to Donald J. Trump, Loser

"If you win, we as a country deserve you."

2016 Election: Is There Anything More to Say?

Why can't Republicans view women as people?

One Week Later: The POTUS Debate as Theatre

It was always going to be theatrical. It was never going to be fresh.

Note to American Media: Get a Damn Grip!

You're not Hillary Clinton's doctor.

The President of the United Arts of America

The choice: not as clear as you think.

Broadway Goes Call In for Hillary

Broadway is calling for Hillary Clinton. Can you help them?

Foreigners Sound Off On the US Election

"This election is not a brilliant moment in American history..."

Trump’s Biggest Losers: American Kids

The damage this man is doing will take decades to simmer down.

Now in FringeNYC: An Election Year “Dream Ticket”

A new political play on the GOP -- and what America deserves.

A Liberal Asks: Should the GOP Be Saved?

A 150-year-old political party in a chaotic hell spiral of its own devising.

In Election Season, Americans Choose Their Own Adventure

In literary terms, we're gambling on America’s sequel.

Clinton, DNC Turn Lights Out On War Protest

If they can kill you in the streets, the whole thing is a joke.

2016: Reprise of 1968?

We don’t need another 1968. Or worse, 1933.

Racism Is Why I Didn’t Vote for Bernie Sanders

If you’re fighting oppression because it's convenient, you're not fighting oppression.

Brexit, Pursued by a Bear

Brexit reveals a flawed story being told about British national identity.

Sinclair Lewis, Donald Trump: Yes, It Can Happen Here

A provocative 1935 novel as a cautionary tale for the 2016 election.
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