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Diversity and Inclusion in the Arts Are Not Enough

Programs and services alone won’t do it. Simply hiring more women and people of color won’

The After-Effects of the Balanchine Body on American Ballet

George Balanchine was not a racist, but...

Online Test: Casting Assumptions

Is your first thought your best when it comes to diversity?

Breathing in Brittania

"Because I am an expatriate, I can begin to breathe."

Is Your Theater a Community or a Clique?

In the theater, many cliques masquerade as communities.

Actress Miki Yamashita on Diversity and Invisibility

Can't find Asian-American actors? They're right in front of you.

Brit Entertainment Unions Okay Progressive Policies

TUC confab will support health/safety regs, fight low/no pay.

The Year of Living Statistically, Part III: The Quality Question

Women have the economic power to support female playwrights, even to demand them. They seem to be choosing not to. Why?
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