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New Reviews: Love’s Labour’s Lost

There comes a moment in this asthma-inducing production when one must ask if too much shtick is good for the play.

Some (Theater) Critics Drink. So What?

More critics would like more shows -- or at least be kinder to them -- if more of them actively drank.

Albee Damned?

An Australian writer has lit a firestorm about Edward Albee. After all, one can yell "art must breathe" on directors' behalf, but playwrights can always yell "I'm the vintner" right back.

New Interview: Two on the Aisle with Charles Gross, Bye Bye...

We need a little Christmas, as Jerry Herman once wrote. Charles Gross' show, by that standard, is year-round cheer.

It’s Davenport vs. Cote — While I Use My Foreman Grill

The theatrosphere does not obviate the need for people to comport themselves like actual adults.

Theater Bloggers Meetup Set for Nov. 12, 6-8pm; MTI Debuting ‘ShowSpace’

All theater bloggers -- blogger critics, directors, playwrights, dramaturgs, educators and fans -- are invited.

50 Thoughts on Theatrical Criticism — Revisited (1 to 25)

Critics don't really want influence. They want exercise.

A Twist on the Passing of Theater Journalist Michael Buckley?

The theater has lost a great chronicler and contributor.

New Review: Inventing Avi (And Other Theatrical Maneuvers)

A zany comedy about the theater that actually lands far more humorous punches than you would think.

The Critics of Free Papers Suck? Talk About Overvalued Stock!

A critic can still contribute meaningfully to the cultural equation, if he or she is good, without insisting on determining whether people's wallets are open or shut.

New Review: Eye of God

Its title a Bible reference, this play may have you rooting for a released felon, even when you see he's committed an especially unspeakable crime.

Thinking About the National Arts Journalism Summit

So what, exactly, was the point? From the looks of the 10 projects, a clear majority are already off-the-ground endeavors.

New Review: The Night Watcher

At its core, "The Night Watcher" is Woodard's internal debate: Was it right for her and her husband to remain childless?

New Review: Mahida’s Extra Key to Heaven

This metaphor-driven play explores the dynamic between America and Islam through the lens of characters with less as well as more in common than any of them may think.

New Review: The River Crosses Rivers: Series A

While created by women playwrights of color, what's alluring about these plays isn't an obsession with ethnicity.

New Review: The Provenance of Beauty

A trip through the South Bronx, a part of New York City audiences rarely see. Is gentrification good or not? The author's ambivalence demands that outsiders decide.

New Review: The Retributionists

Daniel Goldfarb's play turns the tale of anti-German vengefulness in the wake of the Holocaust into a barely believable series of melodramatic occurrences.

What the National Arts Journalism Summit Is Doing Right — and...

The organizers are on to something extraordinary. If only they weren't committing an unforced error.

London Critics: “I’m Mad as Hell and I’m Not Going to...

Can anyone imagine one of the critics organizations in New York actually doing something on behalf of critics?

New Review: Candide Americana

Who can resist a Staten Island ferry crash, Sept. 11, Hurricane Katrina, white supremacists, and E. coli?
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Herman Cain (and Republicans Unable)

And then there was Jerry Falwell, Jr., with his open pants, evangelical FUPA and his hands veering into prime side-boob territory with -- hey, doesn't she have a name?