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Can Mayor Marty Walsh Rescue Boston’s Creative Economy?

Fighting for fair labor practices for artists at a public hearing.

What’s $504 Billion to the Arts?

More arts fiscal impact data that people will ignore.

Miami’s Quest for Global Standing

The iconic Marine Stadium can once again lead Miami into the future.

Detroit, Deaccession and the Cultural Role of Museums

A museum collection is more than the sum of its artworks.

Artists Awakening to Copyright Law’s Importance

Call for "next great Copyright Act" alerts creatives to coming change.

CitiGroup Has 2,909,547 Reasons To Ask Artists For Free Labor

Sometimes an "opportunity" is not an opportunity.

MA Artists, Advocates Grouse and Gather “Under The Dome”

In Boston last month, artists, arts advocates and politicians came together to plan.

Amanda Palmer and the Gift Economy

Being Amanda Palmer is not a teleological suspension of the ethical.

Sweet Jesus, the Arts Are Good for the Economy

A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon we're talking about real money.

The YouTube Crisis: Cinema’s Evolution or Extinction?

Unconventional art and contrarian ideas will be drowned in a deluge of incestuous groupthink.

Open Letter to Keith Olbermann: Cover the Creative Economy

Without the creative economy, our nation is neither healthy nor hopeful, neither sophisticated nor safe.

Week Ending May 29, 2010: The Nonprofit Tax Man Cometh?

She's got a ticket to ride -- and it's getting more expensive by the minute.

Manhattan CBs Unanimously Endorse Tax Break Plan for Pro-Arts NYC Landlords

Congrats! But again, Off-Off-Broadway needs to develop multiple carrots -- and multiple sticks.

PA’s Terrible Ticket Tax: Does the Psychology of Economic Exceptionalism Hurt...

Of course Pennsylvania arts advocates are furious: they're being singled out, even punished, while Joe Six-Pack can watch a terrible movie without paying a surcharge on his ticket.

Michael Kaiser’s Cultural Diplomacy: Would a ‘Pepsi Ballet’ Help U.S. Artists?

If more corporations pay for American artists to travel abroad, who do they represent?

Subjective Theatre Co. Announces 2009-10 Season, All Performances Free

A wide range of politically and socially relevant theatre for free.

Competition for Arts Journalism Businesses with “Real Promise” Announced

Looking for arts journalism projects that "have real promise to provide an alternative to traditional news media."

Manhattan Community Boards Announce Meetings to Solve Off-Off-Broadway’s Woes

Virginia Louloudes, Executive Director of ART/NY will attend a Community Board meeting to discuss a survey on Off-Off-Broadway's needs.

Is Michael Kaiser a Demigod or Merely Superhuman?

Is Michael Kaiser's gift for nonprofit guidance in danger of being stretched too thin?

Free, Says Gladwell: Such a Little Word, But Oh, the Difference...

The New Yorker is one of the last bastions of a mode of journalism that measures the value of its content in part by the compensation of its staff.
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Herman Cain (and Republicans Unable)

And then there was Jerry Falwell, Jr., with his open pants, evangelical FUPA and his hands veering into prime side-boob territory with -- hey, doesn't she have a name?