Monday, June 24, 2019
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Op-Ed: Obama, Congress and Our Afghan Reality

To remain the lone global superpower, it helps to control energy sources and supplies.

Rep. Barney Frank to “TalkOut” at “The Temperamentals”

Sit in the audience with a Democrat unafraid to kick the daylights out of the craptastic Republicans.

NEA Chair Landesman Tells 10 GOP Senators, Nicely, to Shut the...

Mounting evidence the National Endowment for the Arts scandal has landed on the craters of moony-eyed conservatives.

Burke’s Law XII: What I Saw in Obama’s Healthcare Speech to...

I pity those on Medicare screaming about socialist medicine and fascist governments. Do they not know Medicare is government-run healthcare? Do they not recall World War II?

Glenn Beck Stirs Pot; Sen. Cornyn Warns Obama Over Misusing NEA

Fox's story on the NEA may foretell a replay of the 1990s culture wars. Meanwhile, POTUS gets a different kind of warning from the right.

NEA Hijacked for Political Expedience? No! Yes? Yes! No? Er…Maybe?

We must not allow Obama to politicize the NEA, even for the progressive agenda to which so many of his supporters subscribe.

Burke’s Law XI: The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Without the pressure of constant expectations, Kennedy was free to pursue the causes that really mattered to him.

R.I.P. Sen. Edward Kennedy, 1932-2009: A Video Tribute

No, Senator, the dream shall indeed never die.

Some Nonprofits Call on Congress to Pass Health Reform. Why Some?

Other than issuing a letter to Congress, what are arts advocacy groups doing to push for healthcare reform?

Sen. Gillibrand: The Gravel, She’ll Cavil, Was Ended Mainly by the...

Senator Gillibrand unintentionally stole the spotlight when her remarks began to channel President Warren G. Harding.
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