Friday, October 18, 2019
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Thanks, Germany! Now Back to American Football

Soccer? Yeah, whatever. Back to a real American sport.

Captain America: Stars, Stripes and a Shield

One of America’s most iconic characters comes and goes with the times.

The ’80s Sequel No One Wants, Starring POTUS and the Veep

The guy in the jacket isn't Michael J. Fox.

Comics About What It Means to Be Gay

It’s Pride Month. These comics take a diverse look at the gay experience.

Things Go Worse With Koch

Obama's ratings are underwater, but so is this.

Maira Kalman: Mental Magpie

The artist’s work is immediately recognizable. I’d argue she’s making comics.

Cliven Bundy on the Right to Work

The Nigerian girls have been found!

When Vladimir Putin Looks in a Mirror, This Happens

A reflection on the crisis in Ukraine.

Autobiographical Comic Depicts Epilepsy in a Family

French graphic novelist David B. chronicles his brother's complex disease.

New Orleans on the Day of the Deluge, Illustrated

Neufeld’s much-awarded graphic novel chronicles Katrina and its aftermath.

Justin Bieber Visits Shaun White at the Olympics

Hint: he wasn't there for the sports.

The Many Great Gals of Charles Busch

"The Tribute Artist" continues a comic canon.

Comedian Tom Shillue Goes Long

Fox News 'Red Eye' guest finds a creative way to build an audience.

The Poor and Mighty

Before art is beautiful or divine or anything else, it is manual labor.

Robots Meet Jung in Aaron Diaz’s Techno-Deco Future World

"Dresden Codak" reveals a post-singularity world we might actually imagine living in.

Paige Braddock Changes the World Without Bending or Breaking It

Comics creator is an icon for our times.

The True Power of Batman

Bruce Wayne is a 1%er with genuine concern for everyone else.

The Junction to Everywhere

Comics are changing what it means to work in print media, but they're also taking new forms.

On Fathers and Sons (and Alexander the Great)

A graphic novel I wrote ten years ago teaches me lessons about what my father meant to me.

Comics About the Day the Towers Fell

Illustrated works will help make sure 9/11 is never forgotten.
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