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Feasting on Farce, Michael Urie Finds Us All Fools

Nikolai Gogol took for granted that government officials, major and minor, were corrupt. He believed the same of anyone who attained the slightest amount...

The Family Party “On Striver’s Row” Is Hot Harlem Satire

Only the fear of becoming impoverished can bring the Van Strivens to speak civilly.

In Church & State, a Playwright Trains His Weapon

Ask Church & State playwright Jason Odell Williams to describe himself and he turns into a maker of lists: "husband, father, writer, TV producer,...

► Introducing WikiLeaks Magazine

The CFR presents an exclusive look at a new publication from WikiLeaks...

Daniel Radcliffe, Joshua McGuire, Sittin’ in a Stoppard Tree

Radcliffe still has that puckish quality he's always had -- and it serves him well.

“Big Little Lies” Sedates More Than Ambien

"Oh, who am I kidding? I'm dumping this for FX's 'Feud'."

Playwright Greg Kotis Presents “Lunchtime” of the Soul

From the "Urinetown" co-creator, an absurdist, existential, pseudo-psycho office thriller.

“Enterprise,” Brian Parks’ New Play, Skewers Insanity, Inc.

A world in which most things assumed to be constant may not be any longer.

American Musicals? Hello, “Schikaneder” and “Mozart!”

American musicals wearing you down? Here comes "Schikaneder" and "Mozart!"

Ives Revives a Comic Liar (And It’s Not You-Know-Who)

Cliton and Sabine? Cliton and Isabelle? Don't ask me. Events were moving fast.

ShakesBEER: Raise a Glass to a Pint-Sized Bard

The Bard, the bars, the booze: much ado about something.

Broadway in January: The Best Time for Show Tickets?

Is it the best worst time or the worst best time to get show tickets for Broadway?

Pantomime: The Perfect Tonic for 2016? Oh Yes!

If we can't laugh at the past 12 months, what can we do?

Theater Is Immersed in Caffeine at a Harlem Coffee Shop

In a gentrifying neighborhood "Full City+" evokes nostalgia for the great ’70s sitcoms .

Exit, Pursued by a Board: The Tragedy of Emma Rice

A row over lighting leaves one of London's most unique theaters with dimmed prospects.

No Debate! The Lady and (Donald J.) Tramp Take Vegas

A report from the CFR's special correspondents at the final presidential debate.

A Woman of a Certain Age on Ageism in Theater

Actress playwright Tulis McCall reflects on continuing to work as she gets older.

“The Front Page”: Broadway’s Big Banner Headline

Nathan Lane heads a superb cast examining Jazz Age chicanery.

44 Years of Family Dysfunction: “Love, Love, Love”

The Beatles insist that love is all you need. The playwright wonders if it's true.

Tom Wopat Watches His “Heirloom” Garden Grow

Heirloom is a nine-part romantic comedy series, streamed over Vimeo, about a tomato farm -- and a lot more. Co-created by and starring Paten...

‘Working Woman’: Humans First, Gender Second

Can women and men work together? Yes, says Israeli filmmaker Michal Aviad -- when the roots of sexual harassment are finally rooted out.
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