Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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It’s a Marvel Universe!

A marvelous Marvel -- and Debbie Reynolds.

Hey, Hey, Hey: How the Mighty Have Fallen!

All these woman can’t be lying, can they?

“Gotham” Goes Goth and Ribeiro Does the Carlton!

From good judge to "Bad Judge" -- which is just what it sounds like.

Bridget Everett and the Age of Vulgarity

The hot cabaret singer who could rest comfortably on her natural talents...doesn't.

The Doctor Who Is In!

Well, Mrs. Ray Rice, thanks for setting back the women’s movement to caveman days.

Joan Rivers Would Have Loved Her Funeral

One last, well-deserved, weepy, standing ovation.

What Joan Rivers Can Teach Us All About Work

Remembering the clubs where the late comedian established her working patterns.

Robin Williams and Comics’ Depression

Did the late comedian, like so many comedians, share an occupational hazard?

Jim Henson: America’s Most Wanted

He created a chaotic, affectionately flamboyant circus. We need it back.

Comedian Tom Shillue Goes Long

Fox News 'Red Eye' guest finds a creative way to build an audience.

The Cast’s the Thing

No actor is good enough to save some awful shows.

Marvel’s Agents and Marvelous Fox Spice the New Season

Allison Janney can do no wrong.

Ready for Medicare: The Emmy Awards at 65

Two words - Sofia Vergara - it's all downhill after that.

Daytime, Oh, Daytime…Wherefore Art Thou?

Fifty year old "General Hospital" is still the best that daytime has to offer.

Spurned by CB8 and Garodnick, Marx Brothers Place Goes to the...

Given the moronic hostility toward the creation of Marx Brothers Place, canines may be the answer.

CB8 Committee OKs Historic District Extension, Marx Brothers Place

Like skimming across puddles of clear water in a sea of bittersweet molasses.

Yisrael Campbell: A Jewish Comedian — and He’s Not Yidding!

Says Campbell, "It seems picayune to tell people, 'Put the right foot in the shoe first.' But you try to discern what God wants."

Soupy Sales, 1926-2009. A Video Tribute.

White Fang missed you, Soupy. RIP.

Masses Wear Groucho Glasses in Chicago. Will Bloomberg Back Marx Brothers...

Chicagoans go for a world record while in NYC, the fight for Marx Brothers Place goes on.
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