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Pastors, Skaters, Lady Gaga: Vox’s Alissa Wilkinson on 2018’s Best Films

Vox's film critic joins CFR's Sean Douglass and Jose Solís‏ to review their "favourite" movies of the year.

The Lessons of 1934: Why 2018 Activists Must Face Faith

Can artist activists see past their secular lens to possibilities and threats of religion?

Sorry Taylor–John Reuben Has the Boldest Comeback of 2017

The innovative rapper is back -- with a message his Christian fans may not want to hear.

A Pastor Responds to the Controversy of “Fabulous Story”

Rev. J. Manny Santiago on queer theology and why religion needs humor and satire.

The Passion of Kim Davis, County Clerk

Kim Davis isn't fully following the Bible if she's issued marriage licenses to divorced people.

Plenty of Parking Under the Banner of Heaven [Redux]

The Church of Mormon is (still) a proselytizing engine.

Plenty of Parking Under the Banner of Heaven

What would it take to reimagine the experience of being in a theater?

Bill Maher: Obama is a “Drop-Dead Atheist”

"The church was not an integral part of their lives before they got married, after they got married."

A 30-Year Milestone — Or Millstone?

Like most new converts, though, I didn’t feel very moderate about my newfound faith. I was a fanatic.

When Political Vultures Feel Peckish

The time for squawking is over.

Wannabe Gov Opposes Nat’l Guard Invading Foreign Nations

A conservative gubernatorial candidate just says “No” to sending his state’s citizens into undeclared wars.

Noah, I Hardly Know Ya

Are religious folks right to have a cow (or two) over Darren Aronofsky's film?

The Horrors of 377

India shocks the world by restoring an outdated colonial law criminalizing homosexuality.

Words: Maybe Their Meaning Just Wears Out

How did bellicosity and greed become virtues both religious and civic?

The Door and the Bridge

Religion, humanism and community in "It's a Wonderful Life".

Lauren Yarger Reflects on Reflections in the Light

A Christian critic with greasepaint in her DNA.

The Republican Theater Festival: An Interview with Cara Blouin

The founder talks about conservative plays and liberalism in theater.

Mitt’s Slick Pick

Romney's VP choice Paul Ryan loves war and the unregulated very wealthy.
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