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I’m a Playwright, and Trigger Warnings Trouble Me

What right has anyone to tell me how audiences should experience my plays?

Trigger Warnings at the Theater: Should This Be a Thing?

Isn't the whole idea of art to trigger something emotional?

3D-Printed Guns: The World’s Most Dangerous Art?

This is an art controversy -- and the stakes couldn't be higher.

Does Alex Jones Have a Point? Don’t Laugh. He Might.

Think twice before giving huge corporations authority to decide what constitutes hate speech.

Paul Rucker Makes Colorful Klan Robes to Fight Racism

The activist-artist takes a historical, artifact-based view of American racism yesterday and today.

Uniformity in Nonconformity

Imagine a world without the uniformity of dress.

Should 21st Century Artists Be “Performing Policy”?

Artists have always had a hard time making a living.

The Big Holiday Movie Release From Sony

Thanks to the Castro brothers!

Sexpionage with Martin Zimmerman

Digging into history for a play about sexuality, censorship and mass communication.

The Play’s the Thing to Censor the King

PBS irrationally blips Christopher Plummer's "Barrymore."

Senate Scraps CISPA…But Watch Your Back

In reality, your government wants secrecy...for itself...not you.

Philippine Cybercrime Law: E-Martial Law or Good Business?

Legislation mirrors governments' international efforts at Internet control.

The Juke of Malta? Reform Promised, Yet Censorship Lingers

New law would free up theatre, film production.


The Met Opera and WQXR (maybe) censor a review.

About That Art Party Whose Name The New York Times Won’t...

An institutional failure of postmodern imagination.

ATW’s Howard Sherman Asks for Cessation of Censorship of August Wilson...

Cordoning off the world of one of America's greatest theatrical voices from those most eager to explore it.

Dear Important Arts Blogger Lee Rosenbaum…

A post that parrtly rreads like an apology forr frree speech.

Intifada of the Culture Wars: On the Censorship of the National...

It's censorship. It's the culture wars. It's "I told you so" time.

Defining Censorship Down (and Up and Down and Up)

Was there a presumption about the impact of the "decency law" that didn't comport with 2010?

What I Got Out of My Lunch with the New NEA...

In June 2018, President Trump appointed Mary Anne Carter to be Acting Chair of the National Endowment for the Arts. The press at the...
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