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50 Sponsors Back Brent Rose’s “50 Characters in 50 Weeks” Project....

50 sponsors have signed on to support this brilliant project. Give -- even just $5 -- if you can. More if you're able.

Soupy Sales, 1926-2009. A Video Tribute.

White Fang missed you, Soupy. RIP.

Serial Apologist Geoff Boyle Backs “50 Characters in 50 Weeks”; Kickstarter...

"Our bodies burn at nearly a hundred degrees, yet there is so much coldness in the heart of men," says Boyle, a serial apologist.

Lon Zelig Backs “50 Characters in 50 Weeks”; Kickstart Funding Ongoing

"The dance is a ritual," he explains, "that has gone back past the beginnings of time, when there was nothing but plasma."

Support Brent Rose’s “50 Characters in 50 Weeks”; Kickstart Fundraising Underway

Help actor Brent Rose create 50 short films showcasing 50 completely individual characters.

Alan Alda, Chita Rivera ‘Remember’ Jerry and Elaine Orbach, Nov. 9

Each morning before leaving their apartment to report to the Law & Order set, Jerry Orbach wrote his wife, Elaine, a short poem to find upon waking.

Jude Law and the Law — Well, Factoids — of the...

Only the most recent Hamlet on Broadway, that of Ralph Fiennes, won a Tony for the actor essaying the title character.

Vanessa Williams Named Honorary Chair of AMAS Musical Theatre Benefit

If you want to check out the "Ugly Betty" star live and you've got some bucks to pony up for a good cause, here's your chance.

On Probate Politics and Personal Responsibility

Especially if you're a successful artist, be smart about it. Get your affairs in order.

Danny Masterson Headed for the New York Stage — Well, Privately,...

Steven Hyde in a real Jekyll of a play.

Jane Krakowski’s in a Musical and You Can’t See Her

How hot will tickets be to the Jane Krakowski-led readings of the new musical Mrs. Sharp?

Immersive Theater Brings Legendary Nellie Bly Back to Life

Remembering a period of history that was downright cruel, especially in regard to women's health -- and the woman who exposed it all.

América the Beautiful

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