Friday, September 20, 2019
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The Paradox of Seeking Justice Through the Arts

Artists need to shut it down while holding it together, burn bridges while bridging divides.

All Hail, Emperor Trump! Pssst, Rome Is Burning!

We must take our own safety -- and liberation -- into our own hands.

We Need All Four Arts Of Social Justice Bending

We must recognize and appreciate what each type of activist brings to changing the world.

Mourning in Paris

Je suis Charlie.

When “Stuff” Outweighs Stuffing

A thought for your Thanksgiving.

This Virus Scares Me More

Bullet point your priorities, America.

A Football Joke Goes Viral

What a fumble.

When ISIS Gets Angry


The Ferguson Police Department Dress Code

The right uniform for every occasion.

Thanks, Germany! Now Back to American Football

Soccer? Yeah, whatever. Back to a real American sport.

The ’80s Sequel No One Wants, Starring POTUS and the Veep

The guy in the jacket isn't Michael J. Fox.

Solange Knowles Meets Donald Sterling on an Elevator

Good thing she didn't have a pair of clippers in her hands.

When Political Vultures Feel Peckish

The time for squawking is over.

Antigay Bill Goes on the Road?

Arizona down, 13 states more to go.

Justin Bieber Visits Shaun White at the Olympics

Hint: he wasn't there for the sports.

Pugilistic Pachyderms

2016, here we come!

The YuletiPad

At least the needles won't fall off.

The AmaDrone

The future of now?

The Weird, Wonderful World of Manga (part 2)

Katsuhiro Otomo's comics masterpiece, Akira, serves up not just one apocalypse, but two.

The Weird, Wonderful World of Manga

Manga is to comics as Red Bull is to Diet Coke.
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