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Dancing Indigenous Resistance to Big Oil on Native Lands

Not just water, land, air being violated. Women are being murdered. That's why we're activists. That's why we dance.

Lepage Still White-Washing as ‘Kanata’ Opens in Paris?

The story of the show is as offensive as the story being told.

Habitat 67 Turns 50: Safdie Talks Ethical Architecture

Fifty years after Habitat, architect Moshe Safdie's radical vision is becoming reality.

Oh Canada: Arts Consulting Across the Border

If the U.S. was built on the melting pot, Canada was built on the salad bowl.

Rap It Up: Faith, Evolution, and Baba Brinkman

"A carbon constellation at home in a community of human beings."

Listen to a Nonprofit Consultant Speak!

Great stories after 30 years working in and around the performing arts.

Collective Memory in the Plays of Nilo Cruz

Recalling 900 Jewish refugees, and themselves.

The Coming Conflict over Santa’s Home

U.S., Russia, Canada, others crave the Arctic's oil, gas, and fresh water.

Who Is David McIntosh and Why Is He Charging $267.67 a...

"The clarity from the government as to why it funds culture just isn't there anymore."
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