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New Interview: Victor Garber — ‘Alias: Essendine’

Returning to Broadway in a Noël Coward play has the veteran actor ecstatic.

The Myth About Star Casting on Broadway and Beyond

Before regional theaters, the business model of the actor-manager was, by definition, about the star.

Tucker Max Headed for B’way? Christopher Carter Sanderson Says Yes

What is better than beer, stripper poles and hot naked chicks? Mix them all up, make it funny and put it on stage?

Broadway League Confirms Great White Way Whiter Than Ever

Think of it this way: During the 2008-09 Broadway season, 97.6 percent of ticket-holders were not African-American.

The Problem — and a Tale — of Theater Productions Starting...

"Don't you know there's a new law?" asked the usher. "You can't talk on your cell phone inside the theater."

B’way PR Giant Boneau/Bryan-Brown Flatters CF Report with ‘5 Questions’

With deference, to be sure, to the great, if largely forgotten, Charles Caleb Colton.

Some (Theater) Critics Drink. So What?

More critics would like more shows -- or at least be kinder to them -- if more of them actively drank.

New Interview: Two on the Aisle with Charles Gross, Bye Bye...

We need a little Christmas, as Jerry Herman once wrote. Charles Gross' show, by that standard, is year-round cheer.

It’s Davenport vs. Cote — While I Use My Foreman Grill

The theatrosphere does not obviate the need for people to comport themselves like actual adults.

Could the Real Web Around Spider-Man Be Ego?

We all saw what happened to an Elton John musical gone bad, and a Phil Collins show, too. How about a concept album?

ATW Unveils New Book Contest, CFR Has Quotes From Geoffrey Rush,...

Nineteen playwrights talk about work that influenced them and their careers. Plus a very nifty contest.

British Equity Backs Co. Selling Downloads of Dramas. Will U.S. Equity...

Will Actors' Equity join the march toward the 21st century? Or will the American theater be a backwater?

B’way Producer, Real Estate Mogul Hirschfeld Launches URL. Artists Still Homeless.

Do real estate moguls in New York City have a moral responsibility for helping to build and maintain the physical infrastructure for artists?

CFR Editor Leonard Jacobs to Appear on ‘Oleanna’ Talkback Panel on...

Clyde Fitch Report editor Leonard Jacobs will appear after the 2pm matinee of David Mamet's Oleanna on Broadway, on Sat., Oct. 10, as part of a talkback.

CFR Editor Leonard Jacobs to Appear on ‘Oleanna’ Talkback Panel on...

Leonard Jacobs, editor of The Clyde Fitch Report, will appear tomorrow night, Oct. 1, as part of a talkback after the preview performance of David Mamet's Oleanna on Broadway.

Former Mayor Dinkins, Fox News’ Wiehl to Headline ‘Oleanna’ Talkbacks on...

Judith Kaye, former Chief Judge of New York, and former CNN correspondent Cynthia Tornquist will lead talk-backs after each preview of David Mamet's Oleanna on Broadway.

Broadway Hops on the Bus for the National Equality March

With Charlotte St. Martin, the Broadway League's executive director, making $340,105 last year, couldn't she sponsor a bus for marriage equality?

CF Interview: Playwright Tracy Letts and the “Superior Donuts” Cast

Arthur Przybyszewski, says Michael McKean, "said goodbye to the world at a certain point until his life and circumstances brought him back to it."

Neil Simon Endorses Michael Bloomberg for Mayor. No One Laughs.

"I have seen many Mayors come and go, but Mike Bloomberg is a different kind of Mayor," said Neil Simon. Truer words were never spoken.

What Jordan Roth’s Ascension Could Mean for Independent Theater in New...

Watch Jordan Roth's actions as well as his words.
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Herman Cain (and Republicans Unable)

And then there was Jerry Falwell, Jr., with his open pants, evangelical FUPA and his hands veering into prime side-boob territory with -- hey, doesn't she have a name?