Friday, November 22, 2019
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Another Crash, Another Arts Funding Downward Spiral?

We're not being alarmist. The signs are already there.

Lusting Rich Guys and Looming Global Meltdown

Rich guys who want to control politics!

Unsustainable: Debt Rising for Students, Individuals

Hello, America. If your student loan or personal debt keeps rising...well...the federal government and bankers thank you.

Greece’s Debt Battle: What’s the Real Story?

Here's a look at why Germany and other creditors don't want Greece to get out of its financial plight.

Grading Hillary Clinton’s Policy Positions

Most voters don't know who or what Clinton is.

Will EU Fracture in 2015? Effect on U.S., NATO?

Can the European Union halt growing discontent with austerity among voters, which could lead to EU dissolution?

Oligarchy’s Sibling Rivals: the U.S. and Russia

Both Moscow and Washington claim to be growing democracies, but they're not. They're really oligarchies controlled by Big Money.

As U.S. Austerity Deepens, Prepare for Revolution

Hopefully it will be a peaceful revolution. It may not be. But, as in the Middle East and Europe with hints in Asia, it's coming.

Geneva Warns of Greater Global Economic Crisis

Record-high debt worldwide leading to another economic meltdown tragedy, but worse than in 2007-2008.

Economic Meltdown Zombies II

Remember the market crash? The banksters are at it again.

Economic Meltdown Zombies: They’re Baaaack!

Derivatives again are devouring, subprime lending is stalking, as Washington deflects by talking a good game.

Conservative Politics: Manipulative, Un-American, Successful

Propaganda and cynical use of potent symbols can sway voters.

Can Mayor Marty Walsh Rescue Boston’s Creative Economy?

Fighting for fair labor practices for artists at a public hearing.

Let’s Try Something New

I believe it is time for artists to lead. The world

It’s Not that I Mind that Rich People Are Rich

But I do mind that the rich are pushing us into economic slavery.

Will UK Finally Jail Banksters? US Next?

Brit banking commission eyes putting financial lawbreakers behind bars.

CitiGroup Has 2,909,547 Reasons To Ask Artists For Free Labor

Sometimes an "opportunity" is not an opportunity.

Federal Reserve Releases Stress Test-Liars Poker 2013

The Fed wants us to bet on faith rather than facts.

Occupy the SEC Members Sue Fed’s Bernanke, Others

Complaint says government avoids implementing Volcker Rule.

Techno-Socialism: Coming Sooner Than You Think

Is it time to tax the technology that replaces employees?
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