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Founding Visions: The SF Mime Troupe & Keeping It Simple

Theater doesn’t have to be difficult, it can be simple -- not boring, but simple.

Enforcing Silence: What’s at Stake with Cellphone-gazi

Those who actively love theater may be the biggest barriers to necessary change.

Engagement Is Busting Out All Over

Artists, audiences, arts organizations -- oh my.

Los Angeles: Still Crafting the Theater’s Future

The demographic writing is on the wall.

Marketing Classical Arts in a Modern World

From the war for attention, notes from the battlefield.

A Look in the Marketing Mirror

Marketing is a reflection of those who decide which strategy is the best fit.

Crossing Over: Marketing to Non-Traditional Audiences

It’s not the push of selling a ticket, it’s the pull of engagement.

The Subscription Model: Is Agency the New Individuality?

From whom the individual is to what the individual can do.

The Performance of the Audience: A Review

Why are some behaviors acceptable and others forbidden?

Who Should Confront a Disruptive Audience Member?

Actor John Lacy was allegedly fired for doing the house manager's job.

Uncomfortable in the Audience

Tell us about the times you've physically suffered through performances.

“Live Theater”: As Opposed to What, Dead Theater?

Qualifying "theater" with "live" should be redundant, but has become common.

The Whitest Place in America: The Musical Theatre?

We're struck by how very, very, very white this directory is.

Week Ending July 30: A Flap About Tweeting at the Theater

Plus a discussion about endowments -- and how to tap them.

On the Racial Imbalance of the Broadway Audience

There are two questions we must continually ask.

A Vision: Arena Stage Permitting Tweeting During Performances

Do institutional theaters "expect audiences to disconnect and remain in a dome of silence"?

Come and Meet Those Who Tweet (at the Theater)

TCG's Teresa Eyring mentions segregated seating for Tweeters. Yet it's Twitter-only performances that will confer cool.

Ambitious TDF Plan Aims to Ameliorate Nearly All-White B’way Audience

Showing leadership when it comes to fixing the very white theatergoing audience of New York City.

Broadway League Confirms Great White Way Whiter Than Ever

Think of it this way: During the 2008-09 Broadway season, 97.6 percent of ticket-holders were not African-American.

Is the Falling Trend in Arts Attendance Surprising or Alarming?

Why should the public participate in the arts? Have the reasons been sufficiently articulated to taste-makers, educators and elected officials?

What I Got Out of My Lunch with the New NEA...

In June 2018, President Trump appointed Mary Anne Carter to be Acting Chair of the National Endowment for the Arts. The press at the...
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