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Jack Hidary: A Mayoral Hopeful Who Gets ArtsEdTech

If you don't know Jack, you don't know Jack.

Choosing an Undergraduate Theatre Department

Buyer beware! A university's reputation often is little more than "folklore."

My NYC Mayoral Dilemma: A Twenty-One-Ring Circus

Can Bloomberg just buy another four years?

Shakespeare, London and a Good Pair of Boots

How a good pair of boots connects Shakespeare to contemporary playwrights.

Waving the Annual Arts Advocacy Day Flag

Over 500 arts advocates to converge on Capitol Hill April 8-9, 2013.

CitiGroup Has 2,909,547 Reasons To Ask Artists For Free Labor

Sometimes an "opportunity" is not an opportunity.

Why We Teach “Those People”

Read this. You'll understand the value of compassionate, dedicated, disciplined arts education.

An Introduction to “Jessica Says”

The intersection of arts, culture, education, advocacy, technology and politics.

New Report: Arts Education Only Mostly as Bad as You’d Think

The arts education numbers are crunched, released.

Richard Kessler’s “Death Panels”: Wrong Words on Arts Education Funding

We'll never teach anyone the "great value" of arts education by linking them to the phrase "death panels."

The 20Under40 Interview Series, Part 4: Ann Gregg

You have to recognize diversity and strengths in people and what they can contribute, whether similar or different, from your own.

As Brits Mull Quality of School Theaters, Yanks Still Debate Arts...

The U.K. economy may be as bad as the U.S. economy, but at least their educational priorities are right.

Cap 21 = NYC Summer Stock

And in 2011: an all-boroughs tour of a classic Broadway musical.

Come Blow Your Horn: Can Musical Education Be a Federal Rule?

Forget charter schools. Forget those children never left behind. Oh, and make them study the flute?

As Mayoral Control of Schools Lapses, Will Arts Education Be Affected?

Was an email from Alliance for the Arts a sop to Mayor Bloomberg?
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Herman Cain (and Republicans Unable)

And then there was Jerry Falwell, Jr., with his open pants, evangelical FUPA and his hands veering into prime side-boob territory with -- hey, doesn't she have a name?