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Pip with Pizzazz: Ethan Mordden Assesses Barbra Streisand

Diversity, inclusion and curious sins of omission in a new book on the "greatest star."

For Bob Dylan Musical, Conor McPherson Jettisons the Jukebox

"Hurricane," "Forever Young," “Like a Rolling Stone” -- but not always where you'd expect them.

Playlist for a Polarized America for Thanksgiving and Beyond

Over the holidays, can our divided America reach across the table? Let's use a playlist and find out.

Singing Sondheim in the Age of Donald Trump

There are ways in which Sondheim is more than a musician; he's almost a life philosopher.

John O’Hurley on Why We Need the Great American Songbook

A podcast with the Seventh Most Interesting Man in the World.

Singer Marilyn Maye: A Force of Nature at 88

Johnny Carson invited the "outstanding" singer on the Tonight Show 76 times.

Me and Me2: An Appreciation of Marni Nixon

"Goodbye, Me. Love, Me2."

8 Must-See London Theater Productions

The next wave of Great Britain's domination of Broadway.

Tony Noms for Best Score, Then and Now: What’s Changed?

What does it mean when the best Broadway songs are almost all in the Tony-nominated revivals?

Gardenias in Their Hair: Joey Arias Honors Billie Holiday

Holiday’s centenary celebrated at Lincoln Center’s “American Songbook.”

Geniuses Jungr and Epperson at Work and Play

Barb Jungr and John Epperson (separately) display their extraordinary talent.

Bridget Everett and the Age of Vulgarity

The hot cabaret singer who could rest comfortably on her natural talents...doesn't.

Frank Sinatra, Jr. (and Don’t You Forget It!)

Singing each lyric as if it were the first time.

Luhrmann v. Fitzgerald, or There Oughta Be a Law

Baz Luhrmann's "The Great Gatsby" treats The Great Novel as so much chicken feed.

More, Sir, of Loesser: Actors Fund Benefit to Homage Broadway’s Most...

A concert to benefit the Actors Fund, co-chaired by Jo Sullivan Loesser and Sir Paul McCartney.
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