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The Beautiful Truth About Ugly Sweaters

The ugly sweater phenom is now upon us whether we wear them or not.

Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates: The American Freak Show

Three breakout performances.

African-American Men: The Year In Review

Mourning in America.

Interfering for Good in Human Matters

Avoid Jacob Marley's regrets and stand with the powerless from the start.

Hey, Hey, Hey: How the Mighty Have Fallen!

All these woman can’t be lying, can they?

The Wrongs and Rights of Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson

Why does it take the behavior of a sports hero or celebrity to galvanize public opinion?

The Doctor Who Is In!

Well, Mrs. Ray Rice, thanks for setting back the women’s movement to caveman days.

The Agony and the Ecstasy of James Baldwin

"The force and anguish and terror of love."

Misty Copeland in a Michael Brown World

The struggle for social justice does not end because Misty Copeland has a good commercial agent.

The Ferguson Police Department Dress Code

The right uniform for every occasion.

A Talk with World Champion Bull-Rider Charles Sampson

He became a World Champion bull-rider in 1982 -- the first African-American to carry the title.

A Special Announcement from “Saturday Night Live”

Welcome to NBC, Sasheer Zamata.

5 Questions: Mary Morten Directs Us to “Woke Up Black”

"I identify with each person in the film in different ways."

Free Screening and Panel: “Fighting for Justice” — Thu., Jan. 14,...

Profiles of two New Yorkers whose contributions helped pave the way toward progress for equal justice for African-Americans.

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: John Douglas Thompson

Expressionism "fills in the gap between theater and film," says Thompson. "It's an old idea combining text and visuals in increasingly dynamic ways."
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Herman Cain (and Republicans Unable)

And then there was Jerry Falwell, Jr., with his open pants, evangelical FUPA and his hands veering into prime side-boob territory with -- hey, doesn't she have a name?