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Ryan, McConnell, Trump to Our Military Vets: Screw You

Don’t just tell us you are grateful for our service, show us.

Someone to Watch Over Me: Poitras Surveys the Whitney

Poitras makes you distressingly aware of the security state within which you're enmeshed.

Peace On Earth: How Do We Begin?

Dreams of one naive citizen -- but we used to be a country of dreamers.

Dick Cheney and The Torture Report

Torture may get you all hot and patriotic, but it is not who we are as a nation.

Amid Summer Crises, Here’s What Obama Can Do

Opportunity can come from tragedy. Maybe.

A New Kind of Peace

This peace requires a President with courage and an understanding of history.

Chinese Mine Threatens Afghan Buddhas

A filmmaker documents the site and calls for preservation.

Iraq, Afghanistan Cost U.S. $4 to $6 Trillion

Harvard study says invasions will result in long-term debt-servicing costs.

“Mali? Why?” We’ll Whisper

Is this landlocked West African country our next Viet-ghanistan?

Afghan Actresses: Living a Deadly Script

Women performers risk stabbings, labeling as prostitutes.

Two Films on Obama: Slap in Face and Knife in Back

A softly legitimate documentary and a slick, blatant attack air on TV.

Green on Blue Is Not A Fashion Statement, People

Attacks on U.S. soldiers by Afghan security forces have steadily and alarmingly increased since 2009.

Afghanistan: A Pipeline, an Invasion, a Pipeline, an “Exodus”

U.S. intervention in Afghanistan has been about the oil and gas for decades.

Libya, the Invasion Continuum, and Us

Congress has no Constitutional right to abdicate to the executive branch its power to declare and wage war.

DADT Repealed = Army Strong. Are You Sure?

You take an oath to serve your country, not yourself.

Will the U.S. Indict the Wikileaks Leader?

What could be looming is a decade of real digital revolution involving the public's right to know.

McChrystal Was a Rolling Stone

Can we really win this thing and get out without leaving a hole for the Taliban to fill with more extremists set to destroy America and the west?

Op-Ed: Obama, Congress and Our Afghan Reality

To remain the lone global superpower, it helps to control energy sources and supplies.

Burke’s Law XVII: Knitting the Afghan War Together

Knowing have a president who understands we cannot have open-ended war gives me great comfort.

Bugliosi to Prosecute Bush for Murder? Seems…After the Fact

What would we gain by prosecuting George W. Bush for murder?
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Herman Cain (and Republicans Unable)

And then there was Jerry Falwell, Jr., with his open pants, evangelical FUPA and his hands veering into prime side-boob territory with -- hey, doesn't she have a name?