Sunday, August 18, 2019
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New Article: The Inaugural Lunt-Fontanne Fellowship

All the actors received $2,500 "in recognition of their exceptional contributions to their home communities and to the overall quality of American theater."

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Laura Lynn MacDonald

With Wall Street crumbling, it seemed like a perfect time to delve in.

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Francisco Reyes

The real evil is not necessarily the one you see coming from miles away, but...the one you don't even notice. Nazis were not over-the-top evil from day one.

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Rob Sedgwick

"Yes," says Rob Sedgwick, "I am very deranged." No argument here.

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Michael Puzzo

Stephen Adly Guirgis challenged actor Michael Puzzo to "try his hand" at playwriting, like a "game of one on one."

Robert Wuhl to “Assume the Position.” The Audience Already Is Doing...

What's up with a "workshop" that charges $20 a ticket?

Danny Masterson Headed for the New York Stage — Well, Privately,...

Steven Hyde in a real Jekyll of a play.

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Brian Dykstra

Someone once asked Brian Dykstra if he thought he was getting better as a playwright. He thought it was a strange thing to ask.

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Kate Middleton

Neil Simon, she says, needn't always be "louder, faster, funnier."

Remembering Anne Pitoniak

Today was the memorial service for Anne Pitoniak, and it was a beautiful one, at the Music Box. If you're unfamiliar with her, please...

What I Got Out of My Lunch with the New NEA...

In June 2018, President Trump appointed Mary Anne Carter to be Acting Chair of the National Endowment for the Arts. The press at the...
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