Wednesday, September 18, 2019
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ACLU and Other Orgs Light the Way Through Dark Times

Thanks to all the activists still standing up for everyone’s America.

Post-Charlie Hebdo: Freedom and its Discontents

We can't have it both ways, and we shouldn't.

From Rand Paul to ACLU, Killer Drones Rise Again as Issue

Assassinating an American enters a judicial appointment debate, while argument also grows over CIA-military drone exchange.

Whatever Eric’s Drinking, Send the Cabinet a Barrel

For that matter, send a barrel to the White House.

Senate Scraps CISPA…But Watch Your Back

In reality, your government wants secrecy...for itself...not you.

Death by Fiat

Washington appears ready to fell our Bill of Rights.

What’s Left of Human Rights?

The U.S. and Russian governments continue to erase freedoms.

Privacy Takes Another Hit

California initiative uses fear to invade cyberspace privacy.
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