Donald’s Fear-Mongering Murdered 200,000 Americans

Yes, it's true. Because all along, Donald Trump knew what was going to happen. And still, he let all of them die.

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I want to thank the President for realizing that the American people are so fragile and so easily scared that he could not tell us the truth about a coming deadly pandemic. Thank God he realized that telling us the truth about how serious and lethal the COVID-19 virus would have made us full of fear, such that he downplayed the level of threat that this new virus offered. I am grateful that he realized that he had to remain calm by not screaming we’re all going to die!!!! so that we, the frightened children, would not freak out.

Here in the Burke’s Law bunker, I am cowering along with Leonard Jacobs, publisher of The Clyde Fitch Report (shaking under his bed) and multimedia master Michael Houk (hiding in a closet with his childhood blankey).

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We recorded this podcast on 9/11. Nineteen years ago, the US experienced the worst attack on our greatest city. We watched in real time the murder of almost 3,000 people and the destruction of the World Trade Center towers. Leonard, Michael and I talk about where we were and how this felt to our sense of safety. If there was ever a time to be scared and fearful, that was it.

Instead, we remembered how our country immediately came together. There was no divisiveness about Democrat-run cities, Democrat mayors or Democrat governors, no insults hurled like firebombs from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Quite the opposite happened. We disrobed our political leanings and just became Americans. We showed the world how tough we were, how unafraid we would be, and we proved to the world that fear has no place in our nation.

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Americans are a tough breed. We survived a civil war, two world wars, the 1918 (not 1917, Donald) flu, a Depression, racial riots and unrest, segregation and more. It has not been easy, but we figured it out, came together and learned to be and do better.

Now we have a President who thinks we are so weak, so easily full of fear, that he had to lie about the deadliest virus to appear on our shores since the 1918 flu. He has such little faith in our ability to face hardships that his lies have now murdered 200,000 people. (I’m rounding up as I believe the official numbers are low.)

Donald is the one who has fear, who is cowardly, who is weak. Yet, he has no trouble fear-mongering at rallies about caravans of migrants racing to the border to rape all the women. He has no trouble shrieking about cities being burned to the ground, and the rioters and the looters and the anarchists, and MS-13 coming to murder everyone, and — gasp! — Cory Booker bringing low-income housing to the suburbs which, in his sick mind, will destroy the white suburbs. (Note to @corybooker, if you want to come to my neighborhood, I will shave my legs and welcome you personally.)

As of 2010, more than half of all immigrants (51%) resides in the suburbs.

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Moral coward Donald has spent the last five years trying to scare the shit out of his almost 100% white voters. He relishes playing the role of the man who’ll save defenseless suburban housewives like it’s 1955 and Father Knows Best. He has gleefully stoked racial division and promoted the white supremacists in his base.

All his talk of not wanting to cause panic is bullshit. He didn’t want to do the hard work to keep the virus under control. He threw away the pandemic playbook created by the Obama administration because of his hatred of Obama. (Read the actual playbook here.) He didn’t want anything to hurt his reelection, even as he knew how dangerous the virus was. He figured if he just didn’t do anything and played cheerleader as he says he is, the problem would go away. He held six rallies between the time he told Bob Woodward (for his new book, Rage) how deadly the virus was, how it was indeed airborne, and March 2 when the country finally started to shut down.

We are not fearful, we are not a cowardly country and on Nov. 3, we will send the fearful, cowardly, corrupt one-term president down to Florida where he can bloviate all day to club members paid friends about his glory days. That day can’t come soon enough.

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