Kamala! Kamala! Kamala!

Poor Mike Pence had better start debate-prepping with Mother! Kamala is going to destroy him.

Yes, we can. And what's more, we will.

It’s done and it’s Kamala! Everyone with an Internet connection or a TV, radio, smoke signals or really good hearing now knows who will run for Vice President with Joe Biden — and it’s Kamala Harris, senator from California, and we here at the Burke’s Law podcast could not be happier.

Leonard Jacobs, founder of this website, rightly called this back in June. But on this week’s episode, he added that he saw her as the choice for VP during her campaign for president. Harris was a lawyer, California’s Attorney General — and a boss lady! This is huge. Michael Houk, who joins Leonard and I every week and then edits this podcast from his reinforced corona-bunker in Georgia, agreed.

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Of course, the right-wing media and the Trumpers are already opening up their book of tired racist and sexist tropes: she slept her way to the top; she isn’t Black enough; she put Black people in jail forever; she’s too liberal and will abolish the police. Now the birthers are awake, too: she can’t be VP or eventually President because her parents weren’t born here. Of course that’s ridiculous and not worthy of a response because that would make millions of Americans, myself included, not “real” Americans. (Then again, my mother was British, so maybe I’m good because, y’know, my mother was white.)

Nothing will stick. These people have nothing new. Maybe the fact that they have an overt racist in the White House is why they feel they can put this BS on Twitter and Facebook for everyone to see. None of that will work.

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Harris is a daughter of immigrants. Her father (economist and professor emeritus at Stanford University) is from Jamaica. Her late mother (cancer researcher and civil rights activist) was from India. Harris looks like America. The anti-immigrant Trumpers have nothing on these super-achievers. I’ll take them over the obese, drunk losers crowding into Sturgis with their motorcycles (all without masks, of course) any day. I’ll take an amazing immigrant family over these awful, terrible, selfish “Americans” any day, too.

And right on cue, now Trump is tweeting about how nasty she is (“No my first name ain’t baby it’s Janet — @JanetJackson if you’re nasty”) and how disrespectful she was to poor put-upon Brett “the Boofer” Kavanaugh. It won’t stick: I already have the t-shirt. Pence better start debate prepping with Mother! Kamala will destroy him.

If you haven’t seen her speech from the Biden/Harris event you can see it here. It was the shot across the bow. I can’t wait for the rest.

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On this episode, we also discuss Trump’s hilarious messages to “suburban housewives.” Like it’s 1955 and women are wearing poodle skirts, vacuuming and handing daddy a stiff martini after a long, hard day at work. Whatever, Donny. Your mother’s life was nothing to strive for.

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