That’s Right, Mr. Trump! You Didn’t Pick the Camel!

Uh, Biden also knows the difference between an elephant and a camel -- and between 1,000 Americans dead every day and 1,000 Americans not dead every day.


Welcome to another riveting, at-home episode of the Burke’s Law Podcast! Why riveting? Why at-home? Because four months into lockdown, we’re still locked down. This week, CFR Executive Editor Leonard Jacobs is off on a camel hump somewhere, so it’s me and podcast editor Michael Houk discussing America’s camo-clad thugs amid the rise of COVID.

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By thugs, I mean those sent by America’s Chief Thug, Attorney General-issimo Bill Barr, to descend on Portland, OR. They’ve been videoed doing everything from shooting peaceful protesters to tossing other protesters into unmarked vans. It’s like a scene out of Russia or Chechnya. It’s unconstitutional, it’s illegal; it stinks of Pol Potbelly trying to show his base that he’s some hero quelling riotous anarchists. They tear-gassed pregnant women! And now the coward in the bunker is sending his nameless thugs to Chicago and Albuquerque. It’s pure political theater designed to ramp up tensions and cause mayhem, destruction and pain, and my fear is that some individual — someone not on a camel — is going to die.

Meanwhile, the national tally of COVID cases isn’t slowing down with more than 1,000 deaths a day. Are you tired of winning yet?

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Our White House auto-fat decided to return his reality-show-slash-campaign-rally to the Rose Garden this week. We all know nothing good can come from him speaking outside to reporters with recording devices. But there he was, robotically reading the speech prepared for him, desperately trying to show that he’s empathetic and concerned over the ongoing pandemic as future President Joe Biden. However, the one remark that really made me sit up and think was when he was asked about that accused sexual predator and sex trafficker of underage girls, that girlfriend of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and great friend of the Donald, Ghislaine Maxwell. His answer should have been: “Throw her in jail and toss the key.” What he said instead was: “I wish her well.” I can actually hear his aides ripping out their own hair in utter despair.

I’m guessing that “press conference” was his idea to recover from that disastrous interview with Chris Wallace. Yes, that interview — where he couldn’t have been prouder to point out the elephant on his cognitive test! Yes, the one that’s not the camel! He was defiant when Wallace mocked the simplicity of the test — demanding that Biden take it right now! Um, I hate to say this, but Biden also knows the difference between an elephant and a camel — and the difference between 1,000 Americans dead each day and 1,000 Americans not dead each day. Poor Mr. Mensa couldn’t understand the simplicity of a graph that Wallace showed him, clearly indicating that the US has the world’s worst COVID mortality rate. He actually kept saying we were the best! That no one is better at vanquishing this vile virus! He literally was told we were the worst and he replied we’re the best in the world!:

But when you talk about mortality rates, I think it’s the opposite. I think we have one of the lowest mortality rates in the world.

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So it was another week without mentioning that Putin put bounties on US soldiers. Three dead soldiers are the focus of an investigation by US intelligence officials, but we’ve heard zip from Putin’s puppet.

An aggregate of national polls, including Fox, has Biden up double digits. The Senate and some red state senators are now in serious risk of losing to Democrats, and the House is well out of reach of the GOP. This is not 2016: the American people have had almost four years of this maniac’s insanity and catastrophic failures. We all know someone with COVID (me) and 140,000 (not me) are dead. We can’t afford any more of this; Donald Trump is literally killing Americans. (Yes, sir: those are the creatures different from the camel.)

We at Burke’s Law want you all to stay safe, wear your damn mask, wash your hands and make sure you’re registered in your state and know how and where to vote — and that you vote. Not voting? Then STFU.

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