Trump’s ‘Blood On His Hands’ as America Fights the Virus

On this episode of our Burke's Law podcast: The tragedy of COVID-19 deepens, but we are looking ahead to the rebirth of America that is still to come.

Donuts Delite, in Rochester, NY, is putting Dr. Anthony's Fauci's face on donuts. How sweet are our heroes!

Some of us look at the news about this virus, then we look at the news about this virus a little more, then we think to ourselves: Is this what society looks like when it’s collapsing? The answer to this question — what might be the answer to this question — isn’t making us feel very much better about the virus, or America.

But then again, I’m reminded of an old saw, a variant of Luke 20:38, that my dad always used to tell me:

We live with the living,
not with the dead.

Succinct and honest: surely we can find succor in this saying as collectively we grieve. So many people, the famous and the unknowable, have already “slipped the surly bonds of Earth” to “touch the face of God.” It’s al beyond the power of words. It’s all beyond the scope of imagination.

And so with all of this as a backdrop, on Mon., March 30, my friend and colleague Elizabeth Burke, our editor extraordinaire Michael Houk, and I got together for our weekly episode of the Burke’s Law podcast — which we may soon rename The How Much Is Too Much Wine? podcast out of an acknowledgement of the obvious.

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Hopefully you’ll be rollicked and engaged by the topics we cover, always with humor, both lacerating and kind. We do, of course, continue to rip that bloated and treasonous Russian asset squatting in our White House a new one, as any patriotic Americans should. We talk not of virus hoaxes, too, but of fact, always noting that Dr. Fauci is the very definition of an American hero. And, of course, we pivot to the unprecedented presidential politics of 2020, what with an election still to come this November, come virus hell or virus high water.

The message is clear: we must get Donald J. Trump bound in chains and frog-marched to Death Row where he belongs, followed by First Lady Malaria Tramp and the whole rest of his crime-syndicate family.

Do forgive the invective, by the way. A couple of days ago, the Boston Globe published an editorial stating that Trump has “blood on his hands.” It’s savage remark but equally a true one. For this reason, as dark and dismal as this moment is, you will also hear Liz, Michael and I looking for and celebrating signs of the American rebirth still to come when this is all over. Trump’s hands are indeed stained with blood. May from our hands, all of our hands, come the fulfillment of the true promise of our nation.

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So join us. Take a deep breath, pour the potent potable of your choice, listen to our chat and let us know what you think. Thanks, as always, to our 3.25 listeners for your quarterly support. If you enjoy this podcast, leave us a review and share this episode on social media or wherever humanity is allowed to gather for the next few centuries. On Twitter, follow Liz at @burkeslawNYC and follow CFR at @TheCFReport.

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