One Day, We’ll Need Nuremberg Trials for the GOP Senate

Moscow Mitch and Leningrad Lindsey have altered the co-equal branches of government forever and given America a dictator. What should happen to them?

If you want to support Amy McGrath, Moscow Mitch's opponent in the 2020 election, you can order this t-shirt. By doing so, you can add a worthy member to the jury that will give Moscow Mitch what he deserves: a Nuremberg-style trial.

Well, folks, there you have it: a Republican Party so cowardly, so scared of Trump, so desperate to get their right-wing federal judges, so intent on the continuous rollback of anything Obama did that they’re going to let Trump get away with violating US laws and trying to force Ukraine, and its President Zelensky, to investigate Trump’s political rival.

What we now have is a dictatorship. If illegally withholding Congressionally authorized military aid to an ally at war with Russia; if withholding a meeting with the US President unless the new, naive president of Ukraine didn’t announce an investigation into Joe Biden (not a real one, just the announcement); if siding with our enemy, Russia, over the US intelligence community and repeating Putin’s taking points isn’t treasonous enough to throw this corrupt president out of office, then nothing is.

We now have a Senate that has voted to allow the executive branch to tell Congress to eff off. The Senate — and now the new Dershowitz Rule — allow Trump to do absolutely anything he want if he deems it in the public interest. Moscow Mitch, in his endless thirst for power, has altered the equality between the three co-equal branches of government forever more, giving the executive branch unlimited, unchecked power. Until the president is a Democrat, of course.

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On this episode of the Burke’s Law podcast here on The Clyde Fitch Report, I ask Leonard Jacobs, my partner in commentary and the site’s founder, why Republicans are so scared of Trump. What it is that makes them sycophantic cowards. Any GOP president would have done the same regulatory rollbacks, the same seating of unqualified, ultra-right-wing federal judges, the same appointing of biased Supreme Court judges. But never have I seen a Senate so cowed by such a conman. Leonard thinks that Nuremberg-style trials for people like Moscow Mitch and Leningrad Lindsay will be unavoidable. What say you?

Oh! And — we also talk about Iowa!

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