Bernie or Bust! More Debates! Nevada Caucus! Bloombots!

And if you've still never heard the comb story of Amy Klobuchar (where have you been?), now is seriously the moment.

Which way will the Democrats go?

This week on the Burke’s Law podcast, CFR Executive Editor Leonard Jacobs and I welcome a special guest: Ricardo Evans, an old friend who suddenly lives in my building! I’m so relieved: no more dragging strangers in from the sidewalk! Since we recorded this episode last Saturday night, we imbibed adult beverages and dove into the Nevada caucus and the 1,345th presidential primary debate.

We now know that Bernie Sanders took Nevada, and that makes three back-to-back wins for him — unless you’re Pete Buttigieg. While Iowa and New Hampshire are 90-plus-percent white, Nevada has a large Hispanic voter base. It shows that Sanders is attracting new non-white voters, which could buffer his deficit with African-American voters.

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We also discuss the benefits or non-benefits of facial hair on Mayor Pete. I’m not sure why that came up, but I’m against facial hair in general; it’s just unsanitary. I’m also off Twitter suspension! Apparently @jack couldn’t understand what I meant when I said that Princess Lindsay Graham should burn after the impeachment. That’s “burn,” as in “in hell,” @jack. Ugh. Twitter also suspended some 40 pro-Bloomberg bots — let’s call them Bloombots? —  who were being paid to tweet 24/7 on behalf of Mayor Bloomberg. That suspension I agree with.

Oh — and what do you think of the marriage of George and Kellyanne Conway? Leonard and I have an idea as to how they keep that marriage alive.

And we discuss our surprise that Elizabeth Warren still can’t crack a top spot in a caucus, especially after her most recent debate performance, when she was masterful and on fire, especially toward Bloomberg and his NDAs. I, for one, would love to watch her destroy Trump in a debate. Leonard can’t bring himself to vote for Sanders in the NY Primary, but we all agree to vote for whomever the eventual nominee will be. Still: why was Sanders so damn angry for two hours? Is it because he really has no plan to pay for Medicare for All? What will happen to the people who work for the insurance industry and lose their jobs? There are good points and bad points of his plan, and we discuss the pros and cons.

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And it’s true! Bloomberg is out for the three of us, and if you never heard the comb story of Amy Klobuchar, now is your moment. It’s still not a good look for the senator. Neither was her petty comment at Mayor Pete during the lsat debate that nobody is as perfect as he is. When Bloomberg didn’t bother to name-check Warren, calling her “the person to my left,” she immediately name-checked herself and turned to Bloomberg and said “Elizabeth Warren.” Zing!

So much is discussed in this super-sized raucous-caucus episode and Leonard and I hope you enjoy our lively discussion before Super Tuesday, March 3!

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