The Week When Adam Schiff Changed (Some of) America

Now on the Burke's Law podcast: In years to come we will want to look back and understand what caused this national cancer called the Republican Party.

President Adam Schiff has a great ring to it.

So they sat there, the so-called Senate, unevenly divided between patriots and patrioTrumps, as they grumpily listened to the case, led by impeachment manager Adam Schiff, that Donald Trump is guilty, guilty — unquestionably and irrefutably guilty — of high crimes and misdemeanors. Among we, the real American people, the truth and the remedy is obvious: remove him, and jail him. Yet we tend to explain away the cancerous GOP either as cowards who won’t speak out loud what they know to be true or true-believers who speak out loud alternative truths.

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This is all a problem. Why must anybody have to explain these people? Sure, because in years to come, we’ll want to look back and understand what caused this national cancer called the Republican Party. But some of us are also tired of trying to explain and explain the unforgivable. And, even more important, we want to know what to do about it — which brings us to the Iowa Caucuses, which are roughly three deep breaths away.

So they sat there — they had to, these Senators, sworn by oath to serve as a jury — even as the Emperor of Orange Senility, squatting like the Russian asset that he is at the White House, tweet-threatened that Adam Schiff would “pay” for exposing the self-dealing of the king. This is America? Yes, this is America:

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We did survive another week in the national interregnum called the Trump administration, so that’s worth celebrating. And as we have for the last few weeks, my partner in political crime, Elizabeth Burke, will clink a glass with me as we talk about impeachment and the Iowa Caucuses. (My prediction: no clear winner — a possible four-way quasi-tie.)

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