On Our Podcast: Whew, That Was A Close One!

Donald "Impeached Forever" Trump almost blew up the planet, but darling Harry and Meghan and their hasty "Megxit" fortunately saved the day.

Your Majesty, we are out of here!

Well, we are still all alive and war has, for now, been averted. On this week’s episode of the Burke’s Law podcast, CFR Executive Editor Leonard Jacobs and I discuss the bizarre “almost war” this so-called President almost started — and all the incoherent explanations coming out of his so-called administration. One would think that, at the very least, Trump and his Trumpians would have spent the course between the well-done steak and the famous chocolate cake getting their alibis stories straight. But they didn’t, because this is the most inept, grade-school group of bumbling sycophants in the history of the world. See? I can be hyperbolic, just like Donald Trump! The most hyperbolic!

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Leonard and I dissect the many reasons we were given for assassinating a foreign leader in another country. And before people start screaming how we both love terrorists, yes, we can despise the animal that was General Qassem Soleimani at the same time that we also despise the illegal assassination that only lowers our standing in the world and only makes us far less safe.

Then we delve into the palace intrigue known as Megxit! Yes, Prince Harry and Princess Meghan are going to Sussex-out alone! What does that mean for the monarchy? Will they have to give up Frogmore Cottage? Their Tiaras? Their stipend from the Queen’s purse? Does it matter? Yes, it does. Because it was the second biggest news last week. After all, we went from assassination and almost-war to the funnest royals becoming Canadians, ay. At least they picked a country with good healthcare.

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Leonard and I finish by discussing the never-ending, ever-shrinking Democratic Presidential Candidate Show! Then again, now that America’s sparkly fairy, Marianne Williamson, is gone, everything seems a little less fun. What we are left with, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders calling each other liars and getting off each other’s lawns?

Oh — and next week, I’ll break down the difference between a caucus and a primary. That what we call Election Education!

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