As The Impeachment Turns (America’s Stomach)

Have the powers of the Presidency reached a tipping point or do we simply have a incompetent criminal in the White House?

White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley and Trump's personal lawyer Jay Sekulow show all of America what it looks like to defend getting away with treason.

Historically, this is something no one expected in one lifetime: a second impeachment trial of a sitting President. It was a quiet 138 years between the impeachment of Andrew Johnson (acquitted) and William Jefferson Clinton (acquitted); just 21 years have passed between the Clinton trial and that of Donald John Trump (probably acquitted). Is it that the powers of the Presidency, emboldened by Congress for decades, reached a tipping point? Or that we simply have a incompetent criminal in the White House? Well, it’s a bit of both. But, really, that we have an incompetent criminal in the White House.

Join me and my partner in political madness, Clyde Fitch Report Executive Editor Leonard Jacobs, and our podcast editor, Michael Houk, as we discuss the destruction of American democracy courtesy of the Republican Party while Trump blathered his ridiculous bellicosity in Davos.

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Oh — and did you know there’s still an election going on? Feb. 3 is the first chance we will have to see, among the Democrats, who the real front-runners are. Unlike 46 other states and several US territories, though, Iowa has a caucus, not a primary. I’ve been to Iowa for election season; I’ll break down what a caucus is and whether it’s better than a primary or just a more complicated way for voters to play dodgeball with candidates.

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