Impeachment! A Very Special Podcast Episode

Maybe Trump can finally be hauled to the federal hoosegow where the lifelong criminal belongs.

OK, class, now let's spell it: C-R-I-M-I-N-A-L.

This special edition of the Burke’s Law podcast is dedicated to the impending impeachment of President Donald John Trump. Yes, the Democrat-led Congress has had enough of this treasonous felon. The US President asking not one but two or more countries to investigate a political rival was enough to set the course for his impeachment and maybe, just maybe, if one or more of the polls are to be believed, his removal, and maybe, just maybe, Trump can finally be hauled off to the federal hoosegow where this lifelong criminal belongs.

On this podcast episode, then, CFR Executive Editor Leonard Jacobs and I delve into the latest news about this lawless, gutless, anti-American criminal-enterprise administration and all of the latest impeachment news oozing from the Trump swamp. (Rudolph Giuliani, if you’re listening, how was Vienna?)

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Everyone — and we mean everyone — will now be caught in the net. America’s Pussy-Grabber-in-Chief has no loyalty to anyone but himself (and maybe Ivanka), and to save himself, he will throw Secretary of Energy Rick Perry, and his Vice President (and Mother!), and most likely Attorney General William Barr under entire fleets of buses as he fights the fight of his life.

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