We Survived the Massive Military Parade!

Let's recap the dumpy Trumpy politics of June.

What a long, strange drip it has been.

Welcome to the July edition of the Burke’s Law podcast. On this episode, CFR Executive Editor Leonard Jacobs and I have recovered from the Massive Military Parade celebrating our Warrior King! It also rained on his little tank parade, which proves karma is real.

On this episode, Leonard and I also review the G-20 Summit and Donald Trump’s daughter-wife and what is her job exactly? Remember how her breathtakingly awkward attempt to insert herself into a conversation with world leaders ended with an incoherent statement about patriarchy in the military with the super-Valley girl ending of So…

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Then Trump proceeded to insult our allies and make racist comments about the Japanese, wars and Sony TVs. Does he even understand what NATO is? We determine that Trump is trying to run the US like one of his companies, meaning that he wants to bankrupt us. The federal budget deficit is growing like the bank accounts of his swamp friends.

Who watched the debates? I did not, as I was on vacation, so Leonard led a recap of what happened between the 583-and-a-half candidates. I also quiz Leonard as part of our “Fact or Friction?” segment. He usually gets half of them wrong. If you want to know whether his record is intact, listen in.

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