New Podcast: Trump Can’t Go to England and Not Be a Dick

We also dish Mueller's speech, slow-clap a Tea Partier, and handicap the Dems. Plus: a cold open!

He really is as horrible a person as you think he is, and then some.

Welcome to the June edition of the Burke’s Law podcast, here on The Clyde Fitch Report! On this episode, CFR Executive Editor Leonard Jacobs and I welcome a very special guest: Michael Houk, our Producer Extraordinaire — and political savant! For about an hour (our June episode is a bit longer than usual), we have a rollicking good time discussing what happened when Robert Mueller spoke to the nation — and whether his statement will move investigations forward, and whether impeachment is really on the table.

And I do ask everyone to please, please read the Mueller Report — especially Part II, which details the charges of obstruction.

Starting in July, we’ll do a deep dive on each podcast episode into one of the candidates for the Democratic nomination. After all, there’s a never-ending list of them. We’ll try to break it until we closer to the Democratic Convention next year in Minneapolis. Hopefully this will help us not feel so overwhelmed by the sheer number of people vying to be the nominee. (My mayor, Bill de Blasio, will not be featured in this series because…well, we shouldn’t have to explain that it’s just a bad idea, Bill.)

Also on this episode, a certain member of the Tea Party gets my official slow-clap of the month. Listen in to find out why.

And as I know that Leonard and Michael are up on all the news, I quiz them as part of our regular “Fact or Friction?” segment. Five questions, five answers: How smart are these guys?

And our segment, “Tell Me Something Good,” is back! Because we always need good news in the age of Trump. The man can’t even go to England, our best friend, without being a complete and total dick.

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