Biden Our Time as the 2020 Democratic Primary Gets Hot

On our new podcast episode, summing up the Biden launch, mourning hate, and a quiz!

Will crazy Uncle Joe win the primary?

Now on the Burke’s Law podcast, Leonard Jacobs and I discuss all the latest 2020 election updates — namely, Joe Biden is in! What effect is Uncle Joe already having on the race and the candidates? And has Beto lost his mojo? Also, we finally learned to pronounce Butt-i-jedge — with a soft “I.”

We also covered the most disturbing news of late, with three Black churches burned and another shooting at a synagogue and President Exonerated, as usual, ignoring the Black church burnings. Are “thoughts and prayers” bulletproof?

And a new report has come out from a group of psychiatrists discussing the mental decline of Trump with a scary subtitle: If One is Too Incompetent to Commit a Crime, Despite Trying Hard, Is One Competent to be President?

And I had a new quiz for Leonard! It’s called “They Said What Now?” Four quotes, four choices. How smart is Leonard? Smarter than last month? Can he pick the right answer? Listen and find out!

And our other segment, Tell Me Something Good, is back — as we always need good news in this never-ending cycle of bad and depressing news.

Thanks for listening!

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