There’s Gazillions of Candidates! Let’s Pronounce Buttigieg!

On our podcast, we play "Fact or Friction" -- and Leonard Jacobs has a commentary.

Mayor Pete is so much easier to pronounce.

This month on the Burke’s Law podcast, Leonard Jacobs and I discuss the 2020 elections and yes, I know we’ve barely started 2019. It’s going to be a long 19 months, so buckle up! Will Joe run? Will we learn how to pronounce Buttigieg? How long before we get to 30 candidates!

At the time we recorded this podcast, the Mueller Report was out, and Leonard and I discuss its implications and whether we think it will matter in the long run.

I also know that Leonard is up on all the news so I quiz him in a new segment called Fact or Friction! Four questions, four correct answers: How smart is Leonard?

Our other segment, Tell Me Something Good, is back — as we always need good news in this never-ending cycle of bad and depressing news.

And Leonard adds a special commentary that you have to listen to!

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