We Believe You, Michael Cohen! We Believe You!

On our new podcast, we also cover the burgeoning Democratic field and that over-entitled shrew, Ivanka Trump.

We wouldn't buy a used car from this dude, yet something about him rings true. Like how Donald Trump committed treason.

This month on the Burke’s Law podcast, Leonard Jacobs and I discuss the recent Michael Cohen hearings and the long-term implications of his testimony. Yes, we think he’s totally believable — and there’s going to be even more to come.

Then we mull over the ever-growing list of 2020 Democratic candidates and the never-ending election cycle we have in the US.

And I finish with a rant about that over-entitled, under-qualified, nepotism-benefiting daughter-wife Ivanka Trump and her outrageous statement about a living wage. She seems to think that America doesn’t want one. What America doesn’t want is Ivanka Trump.

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