How to Decorate a Fabulous Wall? Ask!

It's not just about painting a suitable color. It’s about creating a creative, holistic design.


Staring at a blank wall in your house can be boring and depressing. Just as we need a little color in our lives, so do our walls. Decorating isn’t just about painting the walls a suitable color. It’s about creating an appealing, creative, holistic design.

The look of a wall, in other words, is also dependent on what surrounds it: the choice of lighting, of furniture, matter too. It’s all about how you personalize your space. Here you’ll find fabulous wall decoration ideas that go beyond painting! Take inspiration from them and get creative!

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The Right Furniture

While the color of the wall can bring a fresh feel to the room, it is also what you keep in front of it that creates an impression. Choose to adorn a wall by investing in a good sofa, a bed or other bright or contrast-colored piece of furniture. A pop-art wall, for example, can get the best attention when the furniture in front of it has a pop-art element to complement it.

Add Greenery

Large potted plants and small hanging foliage can bring in a definite edge to the look of a house. Right next to a large piece of wall art, for example, you can place a big potted plant to make it stand out. Small plants can find a place near a living room or lounge area or on a tea or snack table. Greenery will also clean the air in your house.

Acquire a Vintage Cabinet

Let’s talk about a great piece of art — a vintage cabinet. They will bring a good feel to your house while also adding usable or storage space and creating a focal point or a “conversation piece.” When you place a vintage cabinet against an otherwise dull wall, you will transform the room. Put in terra cotta crockery, picture frames or an indigo flower vase to accent your wall.

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Hang a Picture Ledge

Walls really like picture ledges — a modest area often above a sofa or a bed where you can place things like small vases and modest pictures. Or you can display your collection of art, whether one giant piece or a few small frames. However you do it, a picture ledge will bring attention to the wall and make it more inspiring.

Put Up a Sculptural Mirror

To catch some light for a living room or bedroom, a sculptural mirror is one of the best investments you can make. By definition, sculptural mirrors are artfully designed and stylish-looking pieces. They reflect light and, in so doing, they bring in liveliness and also give real depth to a wall. You can do wonders with a sculptural mirror in a dining area or a living room.

Whip Up Some Bookshelves

If you have a love for books, then putting up a chic bookshelf is always a great idea, especially in a modern apartment. A bookshelf can be for displaying books, of course, but also for easy access to books you’re reading right now. Visually, a bookshelf can be an exciting addition to a study table or for any area dedicated to reading. If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace or an area for just lounging around, a bookshelf can be nicely paired with some framed and interesting art.

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Art, Art, Art

Sometimes you don’t need to do very much to jazz up a wall — especially when a standalone piece of art can do all the talking. When you have a brightly colored living room, the right kind of single artwork will grab everyone’s attention immediately. For bedrooms, you can use the space near or opposite the headboard for the best view. Tapestries, woven wall hangings or embroidered rugs can also be great example of art.

Lift Your Lamp!

One of the best accessories to add is a lamp. Adding giant lamps near it can direct the attention to it. From vintage lamps to more modern types of lighting, take your time and give some thought to what matches best the look of your interiors.

Eye On Details

For the decoration of a wall to come to life, it is always important to keep an eye on the details. Think about it: from the bed you choose to the linens you use, from the structure of your sofa to the design of your dining table, everything works together to create a feel around your walls. For subtle wall art, choose furniture with a subtle print or a bed with simple look. Go for vintage beds or sofas where you have an off-white wall, or go for bright colors and prints if you want something exciting.

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