Melania Trump Needs No One To Save Her

Because she's exactly where she wants to be.

Don't cry for her.

What kind of woman marries a serial cheater and serial liar and then stays with him? Apparently a Slovenian “model” who wants some semblance of financial security. I would assume that because her modeling career wasn’t taking off like she thought why not attach herself to a self-proclaimed billionaire? Maybe she loved him; maybe she saw a way to an easier life with unlimited spending money? Who can know? Maybe he was faithful until she gave birth and began breastfeeding her only son, but probably not. We do know he had a one-night stand with Stormy Daniels when his fifth child by his third wife was four months old.

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Did Melania know about his cheating ways? Did she turn a blind eye as she looked out of her penthouse on Fifth Avenue while clutching her American Express Black Card? Was the money and were the designer clothes worth the humiliation? Or doesn’t she care? While Donald was a private citizen, no one cared about his moral failings or the wife who would tolerate him. Then he decided to go for broke and run for the Presidency. And whether she wanted to or not, Melania went along.

Watch Melania defend her husband’s birther views on The Joy Behar Show on CNN in 2011:

Even when Behar explains that Hawaii issues a “certificate of live birth,” Melania stands behind the racism and never once tries to distance herself. Either she is simply parroting Donald without thinking or she really believes that Barack Obama, America’s first Black President, was born in Kenya. Either way, she lacks character.

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But it’s the complete disregard Donald seems to have for Melania that would send most women running to a good divorce lawyer. The public now knows about Donald’s dally with Daniels and the 10-month affair he had with Karen MacDougal — the one he tried to pay for sex. And it all happened simultaneously — again, within months of his wife giving birth.

Now that Donald is President, Melania has to know that the never-ending humiliation of being his wife is going to be more and more public. Yet she stays. Rudy Giuliani, Donald’s lawyer who’s barely a lawyer, says there is a reasonable chance that there may be more hush money out there, paid by Michael Cohen, Donald’s fixer-lawyer who’s barely a lawyer.

When asked during an interview on ABC News’s This Week whether Cohen made payments to other women, Giuliani said:

I have no knowledge of that… But I would think if it was necessary, yes.

If Trump was still a private citizen, cheap affairs and sleazy payoffs would still be a secret and Melania could have gone on with her life, privately humiliated. But he’s the President and her humiliation is very public. Yet she stays.

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She stays despite being part of a long line of political wives who stand beside their cheating politician husbands who probably confess, then maybe apologize, for being a total shit of a husband. They stay because of the kids, his political career, the money or a lack of their own money. They stay because of religious beliefs. There are so many reasons that wives stay.

But Melania doesn’t have to consider any of those reasons. Her husband is already at the pinnacle of a political career. She has access to his money and, with his cheating, she most likely can get out of her prenup, if only to save Trump the further embarrassment of a legal fight with a wronged wife. And, of course, Trump has no religious beliefs. Yet she stays.

She stayed after his disgusting Access Hollywood comments where he claimed to have tried to sleep with a married woman while married to Melania. She stayed after he claimed that white supremacists are very fine people. She stayed after 19 women accused her husband of sexual assault. She stays even as her husband’s cheating is splashed all over the media day after day, week after week, month after month.

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I don’t believe anyone thinks she’s happy in the White House. It took her six months to get there, using her son’s schooling as an excuse to stay in NYC. She famously won’t hold her husband’s hand, and, according to Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury, they lived in separate bedrooms in Trump Tower. The billionaire didn’t even bother to get her a birthday gift this year. Couldn’t he pretend he remembered and say “It’s been ordered”? Yet she stays.

So stay, Melania. You deserve him. And to all those people waving their #freeMelania signs and beseeching her to blink twice to be rescued, you can stop now. Melania is where she wants to be. She’s a birther like Donald. She used chain migration, which Donald wants to end, to get her parents US citizenship. Her platform as First Lady is anti-bullying. Even if she actually did anything about it, it’s laughable. Until literally today, with an initiative called “Be Best,” we’d heard nothing about her causes; she’s remained silent as Donald bullied everyone he disagrees with on Twitter. She stayed silent when he called Hispanics rapists and criminals. She turned a blind eye when Donald called the press the enemy of the people.

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I have no compassion for her. I have no empathy for her. She knows who she married and she spent years spending his money and looking elsewhere while he nailed porn stars and models. She needs no saving. She married his money. She has private planes, residences to escape to when his hand gets too close, some affairs of her own (allegedly), unlimited spending, and no real responsibilities. She doesn’t have to cook, clean or work. She can live her sweet birther life with a man she probably doesn’t like but will stay with anyway.

So stay, Melania. I hope the money and designer clothes can mask the pain of watching your messy personal life play out on the TV. Frankly, you deserve it.