No Steamy Beach Books, Only Parenting and Parity

summer reading
We don't have palm trees at my beach. But close. Photo: Pixabay

Hello, summer! The time of year when reading is actually expected! No one looks at me askance as I sit at the pool with a book (although I did get a funny look at the baseball game when I put down a book beside my beer), wide-brimmed hat shielding the sun over the pages. And reading on a phone or tablet is even more acceptable. In that spirit, our 2nd quarter link round-up:

Better late than never, I suppose?
Why Old Women Have Replaced Young Men as the Art World’s Darlings
“As institutions attempt to revise the art-historical canon, passionate dealers and curators see years of promotion come to fruition, and blue-chip galleries search for new artists to represent among those initially overlooked…”

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If it wasn’t broken, let’s not fix it
Suffering for Your Art? Maybe You Need a Patron
“But just like the patrons of old, they are giving creators a pathway to success and economic stability, providing living expenses, supplies, pep talks and more.”

Maybe we just need to pull a Lysistrata
So much for progress: The number of women appointed to boards is declining
“Specifically, only 27.8% of new director appointments at Fortune 500 companies were women, a 2% percent decline from the previous year. At this rate, it will take until 2032 to reach parity.”

Did you watch the Tony Awards? What did you think?
Looking beyond the Tonys, women on Broadway seek to increase their numbers
“Women in theater say the best thing they can do to end gender inequity is to hire other women. Sweat director Kate Whoriskey said that a few years ago, she was given a list of potential assistants and all six were male. “I said, ‘Are there no women?'””

Sarcasm font: Say It’s Not True
Theater Jobs Skew White and Male, Study Finds
“Now Equity, which by dint of its status as a labor union has access to an unusual cache of data — the type of employment contracts signed and salaries paid to 51,000 actors and stage managers — is trying to spur further action by quantifying precisely what is happening for its members.” And if you’re not Equity, well, you don’t count.

Lean In, Lean Out: It all comes down to hard individual choices
The Truth About Being A Working Mother
“So, I obviously don’t have an answer to the paradox of working motherhood. And I’m sure I never will. But I have learned a few things along the way that I didn’t know when I began. Firstly, this is hard. Even for very tough people, it is very hard.”

I remind myself this every single day
7 Ways Being A Mom Makes Me Better At My Job
“Parenthood, she says, has made her want to be a role model, especially to her daughter. “There’s something about having a daughter that makes me really want her to know you can do things and you shouldn’t be limited,” she says.”

In the “unlikely place to find relevance” department
7 Simple Ways Working Parents Can Simultaneously Improve Their Careers, Their Families, and Themselves
“Working parenthood is a challenge that is managed, not solved. It’s hard, it’s long, and the issues, besides being complex and ever-changing, play out on multiple fronts. But with a few practical, time-efficient strategies firmly in hand, you can not only succeed in managing this challenge — you can feel more capable, confident, and in-charge, too.”

From over the pond, making new work at the Royal Court
Vicky Featherstone: ‘Theatre is in the middle of a big change’
“When you have a really true process, and you use a space fearlessly to explore things, then whatever the end product — even if it isn’t a so-called success — as long as it shows the endeavour and the endeavour has value, then that will be successful in its own right.”

And another to add to my list for the De Wolfe Questionnaire
Meet the Woman Leading the Fight to Protect the Arts in Trump’s America
“it’s an ominous time to be an artist or to take a leading role in nonprofit fundraising, but it’s also a time when the arts need a fresh kind of fire, something that Haggag embodies with passionate devotion…”