Why Oscar-Nominee James Cromwell Went to Jail

In this podcast, James Cromwell reflects on his arrest and the truth about fracking.

James Cromwell
James Cromwell arrested while protesting a new NY power plant in 2015. He recently went to prison after refusing to pay fines related to the arrest. Photo: Protect Orange County.

In this episode of The Scene I am joined by a very special guest, veteran actor James Cromwell. Cromwell is an Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning actor with almost 200 acting roles to his name. Select film credits include Babe, Star Trek: First Contact, L.A. Confidential, The Green Mile, The Queen, Secretariat and The Artist, and his numerous TV credits include Angels in America, Six Feet Under, Halt and Catch Fire and American Horror Story: Asylum, for which he won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie. He is also a passionate activist and recently made headlines for his arrest while protesting the new CPV Valley fracked gas power plant in Wawayanda, NY.

Cromwell Rally
Link to the Facebook page for an upcoming rally in Albany.

Cromwell joins me today to recount his experiences at the power plant, describing how hazardous fracking is for the environment as well as sharing the greater concerns he has about the current direction of our country. I haven’t spent much time discussing environmental issues on this show, so I’m really glad he could be here to provide an entry into that conversation. His views can be, as he himself admits, quite provocative, but it was a fascinating interview, and I hope it can inspire us all to think more about the complex, often unjust relationships between the natural world and our government, corporations, the prison system and even the film industry.

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Cromwell Petition
Link to a petition to stop the plant.

Cromwell has also provided two images (right and above) advertising ways for you to join him in protesting the plant. They include a petition and an upcoming rally; you can sign up on Facebook.

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(Update: James Cromwell has been arrested yet again, this time at SeaWorld San Diego for protesting an orca show. Another protest is planned for today at SeaWorld San Antonio following the death of a 3-month-old orca calf.)