Looking for a Job in Theater? Chicago Is Hiring!


Working as an arts program coordinator in Chicago, I field job applications pretty regularly. It’s actually one of the aspects of my work that I enjoy the most. I was unemployed for about eight months before I found my current position, so I understand quite intimately how difficult the job search can be. One of my colleagues, Susan, who is the executive director of a theater here in the city, has been having a difficult time filling a new position. I thought it couldn’t hurt to share it with The Clyde Fitch Report, as many of you are also arts professionals. Feel free to pass it along to people you think may be interested. Susan believes this position is ideal for a young professional but is open to all candidates. To apply, please send resume, cover letter and three professional references to susan.jones.luponelover69@cctcc.net. See the job posting below:

Changers Changing Theater in a Changing Chicago (CCTCC) is looking for an administrative assistant/stage manager/set designer/custodian to join the company for productions beginning in September 2017. CCTCC isn’t your typical Chicago theatergoing experience. We are a collective of creatives who challenge, provoke, shake up, and, yes, change every notion of what theater should be. Theater doesn’t always have to happen on a stage or in front of a seated audience. Theater doesn’t have to always be in a building that is up to fire code. Theater is wherever we decide to charge people for tickets.

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CCTCC does not discriminate on the basis of age; however, we feel that this job would be a great fit for young professionals or college students looking to gain real-world experience. The ideal candidate would have 20 years of management experience and at least 25 years of experience working in ticket sales. The administrative assistant/stage manager/set designer/custodian does travel a great deal across Chicago, so candidates must have a car. One of our plays in December will also require a horse, so candidates with horses are strongly encouraged to apply. Additionally, the job requires moving a lot of equipment from different venues, so candidates with a large van, a car, and a horse are a plus.


  • Marketing, advertising, and social media management.
  • Set building.
  • Stage managing.
  • Being kind to rich people.
  • Being yelled at by rich people who have been slightly inconvenienced.
  • Being yelled at by rich people who are confused by something that’s relatively simple to understand or has already been explained.
  • Auto repair.
  • Home repair.
  • Marriage counseling.
  • Ticket sales.
  • Coordinating and recruiting volunteers for events.
  • Horse whispering.
  • Lying to fire marshals.
  • Dealing with casual sexism and racism from a white, male superior who has never heard the word “no” in his life.
  • Being OK with literally every show being about Trump.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • A bachelor’s or master’s degree in arts or arts management.
  • A trust fund or some sort of safety net that allows you to work long hours with minimal pay.
  • You already know Susan.


Provide a salary history starting with your third-grade allowance. If you’ve been paid like shit at your last job, we’re going to keep it that way.

Statement on Diversity

If any of the information above is at all discriminatory against women, people of color, the disabled, or the LBGT community, we would like you to ignore that and focus on this paragraph where we affirm the value of diversity. We are certainly not going to change any of those requirements for this job, but we think diversity is an incredible asset to any organization. It makes the work richer and creates space for often overlooked voices. In other words, we went to a cultural sensitivity workshop, and all we got out of it was this paragraph.