6 Women Working in the Arts: A Springtime Selection


It’s spring (at least here in the Northern Hemisphere)! So many new things going and growing in the world. Are you starting a 100 Days Project? I think mine will be reading and writing about gender parity in the arts. Wait, I already do that every day! Well, I try to, anyway. Here are some of my favorite articles lately about women working in different art forms. You can always send me a link to a story (your story!) at devra@clydefitchreport.com. And if you’re posting your 100-day project on Instagram, you can find me (@stubborndev) and The Clyde Fitch Report (@clydefitchreport) there!

Now on to the round-up!

Not even big celebrities are immune to the “must be better” issue:
Is the Amy Schumer Backlash a Symptom of a Bigger Problem?
“We know that women are treated differently in pop culture, they’re held to a different standard, but has it become magnified, and — in the case of Amy Schumer — is it deserved?”

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The National Museum of Women in the Arts conducts year two of #5WomenArtists; picked up by PBS:
Few people can name five female artists — can you?
“Over the last month, its #5WomenArtists campaign has attracted participation from 500 organizations in 30 different countries. Among the female artists shared were Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, currently on display at the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, DC, Ukrainian folk artist Iryna Bilianska, Detroit photographer-activist Leni Sinclair and African-American visual artist and museum founder Margaret Taylor Burroughs.”

Next generation parity ideas from the UK:
It’s Still A Man’s World: Gender Inequality in the Arts
“It’s frustrating that we’re still having these conversations and it seems little has changed since I was Chief Executive of the Orchestra of St John’s when, in 2003 the Guardian interviewed me about male-dominated orchestras. But, the more young artists we can empower and support who are determined to redress the balance, the sooner we’ll all be able to say the arts was, not is, a male dominated world.”

And we thought theater was the only one with a dead white men problem…
How Many Dead White Guys Does It Take to Program a Season?
“Hot off the heels of his Women Composer Database Project, composer and arts administrator Rob Deemer has been pouring through much of the recently released programming data for the 2017-18 season to see how often US orchestras are programming works from composers who aren’t dead, white, or male.”

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A completely different take on nudes in museums:
Artist Proposes A New Way Of Seeing Nude Women At The Museum NSFW
“In an interview with The Huffington Post, Boswell, who was born in Kenya and raised in the Middle East, expanded upon the motivation for the series. “I wanted to subvert what we have been conditioned to think of when we see the female body naked,” she said. “What we have been taught it means, why we are so cautious about protecting it, why it has this edge of vulnerability the male body doesn’t have.”

Reese Witherspoon is my spirit sister:
The Stunning Finale Of Big Little Lies Is What Happens When Women Drive Art
“Although the show was directed by Marc-Vallée and written by David E. Kelley, the depth of female interaction present in Big Little Lies makes it unsurprising that the original novel was written by a woman, and that the project got off the ground thanks to Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman’s respective production companies.”

And because she really is everything she seems to be:
Watch the Works of Liz Lerman, Winner of 2017 Jacob’s Pillow Dance Award
“Since the 1970s, she has built bridges to other domains and expanded where dance lives in our society,” Pamela Tatge, the Pillow’s director, said in a statement this week. “She has paved the way for a whole generation of dance makers to discover the power of social change through community engagement and by, as she puts it, ‘rattling around in other people’s universes.’ “