► Introducing WikiLeaks Magazine

WikiLeaks Magazine: all your favorite government secrets in a handy print edition

Over the past decade WikiLeaks has risen to become one of the biggest international distributors of classified information, with an archive of over 10 million leaked documents from anonymous sources all over the world. We’ve covered their impact on our country many times in the past, from the NSA leaks to the release of emails from the DNC and John Podesta to sabotage Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, and just last week they posted a new batch of documents detailing the CIA’s elaborate hacking capabilities. But despite their supposedly humanitarian motives (founder Julian Assange insists his mission is merely “education or understanding”), these activities of course raise major questions. For example, when is a release of classified information an enlightening exposure of corruption, and when is it a violation of either an individual’s privacy or a country’s national security? How can the organization justify itself as an unbiased journalistic entity when it so clearly seems to have a (potentially illegal) agenda of its own? And most importantly, how can readers enjoy its millions of documents when they’re all organized into individual databases on its website? What a hassle, am I right?

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It’s with this concern in mind that the CFR is proud to announce an exclusive first look at a new publication from WikiLeaks, designed to make your reading experience all the more convenient. Check out the commercial below for a complete introduction, then head out to your local newsstand and pick up a copy today!