Now Hiring: Editors, Contributors for The Clyde Fitch Report

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What Is This Gig?:

The Clyde Fitch Report is the only site in American journalism specifically covering the intersection of arts and politics. We publish articles, a podcast and we are starting to produce video, from journalists, editors and artists living across the nation and abroad. Many contributors are artists and practitioners in the theater, dance, visual arts, and beyond. Many others are arts and culture administrators and we are proud to showcase thought leaders from throughout the sector. Some regular writers and guest posters are political activists — or even former politicians.

We recently acquired a long-term nonprofit client — one focused on advancing the progressive agenda — for whom we are providing custom content. We are therefore hiring new freelance editors to work with some of our regular contributors and content creators. In addition, we are hiring new contributors and content generators as our company continues to grow and pursue its mission.

For CFR editors, the gig is low-commitment: just a few hours a month. Editors can work and do work on their own time from anywhere they are. They check in with CFR staff over Slack, attend occasional editorial meetings via conference call and can directly influence the direction of the site and company. Editors earn a stipend based on the number of writers they handle; they are additionally paid, per post, for whatever they contribute, as reporters and journalists, to the site.

For editors who work with CFR’s custom-content clients, pay rates are significantly higher, varying from project to project.

If you’re passionate about the arts and politics, we invite you to join our team.

Skills & Qualifications:
Ideal candidates have professional experience, strong interest in the arts, superior writing and editing skills, and tested ability to follow a style guide. WordPress preferred. We strongly encourage and welcome applicants with diverse backgrounds, and personal, professional, political and artistic perspectives.

To Apply:
Interested candidates should apply with a resume, cover letter and your best single short-form writing or editing sample to Sean Douglass, Managing Editor, at

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